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Why SharePoint Out-of-the-box Is Not an Intranet

There has been much debate since the launch of SharePoint 2016 as to whether or not SharePoint Out-of-the box (OOTB) is now an intranet. With improved responsiveness, features, publishing experiences and layout advancements announced at the 2017 SharePoint Virtual Summit, […]

Intelligent Targeted Content in Bonzai Intranet for SharePoint & Office 365

Working with Fortune 500 companies it has become apparent that having a single Intranet homepage to present the same content to each user regardless of their location, job role or interests is simply ineffective. At Bonzai, we wanted to address […]

7 Workplace Resolutions (And how your intranet can help)

When we think about New Year’s resolutions we often focus on ones that affect us personally. Like being more organized, or losing weight.

Bonzai Decreases Intranet Costs By 54%

I had the chance to sit down with Robin Morgan, Intranet Project Manager at Capital Power, to discuss their recent implementation of Bonzai Intranet. I sought to understand their relationship with the company’s intranet over the years and how things […]

Why Bonzai Is Rated North America’s Best SharePoint Intranet In-a-Box

For the first time ever, there is a comprehensive guide that reviews the leading 26 SharePoint Intranet In-a-Box solutions. Published by Clearbox Consulting, a reputable intranet consultancy based in the UK, the report evaluates eight intranet scenarios scored on a […]

What’s New in SharePoint Document Libraries?

The second best SharePoint session at Microsoft Ignite was hands down on the new experience in SharePoint Document Libraries (the first was on the New Content Publishing Experience, if you’re curious). Before I dive into what’s fabulous and new, I […]

Tips for Calculating Intranet ROI

If you’re trying to determine how on earth to calculate the ROI of an intranet or digital workplace, you’re not alone. While it is easy to see the qualitative value of a centralized and private portal, that allows your knowledge workers […]

Why Buy an Intranet Solution for SharePoint?

Many have asked us why organizations seek out Intranet Solutions for SharePoint. The question typically comes as, “Isn’t SharePoint an Intranet on its own…why do I need to purchase something on top of it?”

What Can a SharePoint Intranet Do for My Business?

A more correct way to rephrase that question may be, “What do you want a SharePoint intranet to do for your business?” According to Microsoft research, nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint but their use cases differ. SharePoint, […]

10 Killer Features on the Office 365 Planner Roadmap

With the recent release of Planner to all Office 365 users, many have asked about the product roadmap. The application is already providing worldwide users with a more efficient way to plan, communicate and collaborate with their teams; but there […]

Office 365 Planner FAQs

We hosted a demo on Office 365 Planner Best and had the highest turnout we’ve ever experienced. Typically, there are handful of questions from the audience but this time around, there were pages. Since there is so much excitement around Planner, […]

The Top 10 Intranet Features

I’ve been in the intranet space for nearly 10 years now and a lot has changed. When I first entered, the majority of intranets were custom built on SharePoint. They often took years to develop and over a million dollars […]