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Bonzai’s award-winning enterprise intranet in a box is famous for its best-in-class search and intuitive navigation. Have questions about how it all works? Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.



BONZAI is designed to integrate beautifully with SharePoint out of the box. Our award-winning modern intranet delivers a number of features that you won’t find out of the box with SharePoint.

It all starts with Bonzai GPS, which includes: 

  • Governance: We design a custom plan to help you maintain your intranet information. That means everything is in its place and easily findable with our innovative search.
  • Predictive Navigation: We structure your intranet so it’s tailored to exactly how your employees work. Your document management system will be organized so employees can instantly find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Search: Never get frustrated looking for information again! Our Type-Ahead Search gives you a powerful, user-friendly global search with predictive suggestions — all in one search box.

In addition, Bonzai offers a robust selection of the features that every intranet needs — including news, content authoring and targeting, social workplace and intranet design. These are just a few of the key offerings that are not supported by out-of-the-box SharePoint.

As a Bonzai customer, you own all the data that your organization places on your intranet.

Our robust delivery methodology means that BONZAI can be deployed in as little as 8 weeks. In a short amount of time, we can get your organization up-and-running with a beautiful, award-winning intranet.

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No prior technology expertise is needed. We’ll bring you up to speed completely during onboarding. If you already have a working knowledge of SharePoint, your knowledge and the onboarding should be all you need to become completely self-sufficient in Bonzai. In order to take advantage of the innovative features that Bonzai Intranet offers, we do recommend that you assign an internal team to manage data governance, system support and maintenance. This helps ensure that your solution is always updated and well-maintained.

Bonzai is readily available in the following formats:

  • Online for SharePoint 2013/2016
  • Online for Office 365

Bonzai is designed to work in the cloud for your infrastructure and operational convenience.

Yes, you can turn off Bonzai’s social engagement tools if needed. This includes likes, comments and the employee marketplace.

For ease of use and simplicity of storage, Bonzai is deployed in the cloud. It integrates seamlessly with Sharepoint or Office 365 to fit your infrastructure and operational requirements.

BONZAI is designed with enterprise-level security in mind. Our expert infrastructure team works with you to ensure maximum data and access security. Security settings are also easily configurable on the front-end with role-based user access and native version control options.



Bonzai Intranet is affordable and all-inclusive. Pricing is transparent — there are no hidden fees. All training, implementation, integration and support are included in the simple per-user price for Bonzai.

Our exceptional features — like Bonzai GPS™ — come free and standard with your plan as well. Your per-user price is based on the size of your organization, which makes Bonzai a great choice for small, medium and enterprise companies alike.



We are SOC 1 and 2 certified. We are also GDPR-compliant.

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