From Onboarding To Benefits,
Bonzai Intranet Is A Central Hub 
For Your Important Documents

Bonzai makes training, onboarding and sharing info easy – so HR can focus on
keeping employees engaged and productive.

Create More Efficient HR Processes

Bonzai Streamlines Your HR Department’s Critical Functions

Onboard Employees Fast

With Bonzai, employees can access all company policies, procedures and new hire forms in one convenient HR intranet portal. Onboarding new employees becomes fast and frictionless.

Centralize Information

Bonzai is a one-stop-shop for policies, forms and learning materials. Employees can get quick answers to questions, so your HR team doesn’t have to field endless inquires about benefits, expenses, travel and more.

Simplify Training

With Bonzai, your document repository is secure and centralized, so employees can access training, learning and development information whenever needed.

Automate Processes

HR departments often need to gather information or share updates with large numbers of employees. You can use Bonzai to get the word out fast and collect form responses automatically – eliminating human error and lots of manual labor.

Get Your Message Heard

Use Bonzai’s smart communications features to target and promote content so all the right people get the message. Send communications by role, location, department, language and more to guarantee they get seen.

Promote Engagement Across The Organization

Bonzai Intranet Helps Employees Feel More Productive, Engaged and Invested in Company Culture

Keep Employees Engaged

Build excitement, strengthen relationships and promote company culture with Bonzai’s social tools. Give users the ability to like, share and comment on posts to drive participation. Your intranet can be a powerful platform for collaboration and enhanced productivity – and it always feels natural and organic.

Spread Enthusiasm

Corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability and growth rates. Bonzai Intranet gives your employees the information and resources they need, fueling job satisfaction and enthusiasm. It’s a great way to bring people together while providing essential functionality.

Find Things Fast

Bonzai has best-in-class search functionality and intuitive navigation, so employees can find important people, policies and files in seconds.

“With BONZAI, departments are now empowered to own their own content. Our HR team is amazed at how easy it is to target benefits information to employees in their respective countries.”

Jennifer Kirscher – Employee Communications Manager, PTC

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