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Global enterprises rely on BONZAI to bring their people, processes and information together seamlessly.

The Trusted Intranet for Enterprise Organizations

Drive Employee Connections

BONZAI encourages employee connections across multiple office locations with its social intranet capabilities.

Encourage Collaboration

BONZAI corporate intranet software encourages employee engagement and collaboration for an enhanced employee experience.

Enhance Enterprise Security

Take full control over your sensitive information and configure access permissions by teams, roles or individual users to ensure data security.

Full Control of Your Information

Manage access to business-critical documents in your document portal for full control over your information.


BONZAI Powers 600,000+ Daily Active Users Worldwide

“BONZAI Intranet has helped us solve key areas of opportunity for our organization’s intranet: 1. Clean and modern interface. 2. Personalization to improve employee productivity and efficiency. 3. Responsive design provides users with a custom user experience no matter what device they are accessing our intranet from.”

Chuck Thompson

Collaboration Services Manager, Macy's

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Scalable Enterprise Intranet Software

Never worry about your intranet performance or availability no matter how big or widely-spread your workforce is with BONZAI Enterprise-Proof, STRESS-FREE Intranet Platform.

BONZAI scales to support organizations with 100,000+ employees while reducing your total cost of your intranet deployment, management and maintenance.

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