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BONZAI’s Intuitive Platform Delivers Targeted Employee Communication

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Bonzai Intranet Gives You The Tools You Need To See Your Internal Communication Strategy Succeed

Company-Wide Announcements

Communicate business goals, advertise corporate events, promote company culture and more - all on one easy-to-use platform. Bonzai Intranet is structured to guarantee your company-wide announcements are seen by each and every employee so that they never miss critical information.

Targeted Notifications

Your employees don’t want to be bogged down by irrelevant notifications. Bonzai Intranet makes it easy to target alerts by allowing you to search and filter people by role, location, department, language and more. This helps eliminate communication fatigue and ensures important notifications are given the attention they require.

Crisis Management

Bonzai Intranet’s easy-to-use interface makes it a highly effective tool for crisis management. Our intuitive platform makes it easy to keep rumors at bay, increase transparency and distill helpful information fast. And our two-way communication features guarantee you always know exactly where your employees are and how to help them.

Connect Your Employees And Watch Them Flourish

Empower Your Team Members To Build Relationships That Get The Job Done.

Employee Engagement

Increase employee engagement with Bonzai’s like, share and comment capabilities. Engaged employees are more productive, have lower turnover rates and are more committed than their disengaged counterparts.

Social Workplace

Build your workplace community and promote personal connections with Bonzai Intranet’s social features. Employees can connect from anywhere at anytime, driving natural connections and strengthening relationships that further motivate and engage employees.

Optimize Your Intranet

BONZAI’s Engaging Platform Will Transform The
Way Your Employees Work.

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