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Bonzai Drives Innovation With Best-In-Class Search That
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Enhance Productivity With An Intranet That Saves Time And Promotes Engagement

Bonzai’s Pre-Built SharePoint & Office 365 Capabilities Give You A Fully-Functional Platform Right Out Of The Box

Encourage Engagement With Targeted Communications

Target and promote your communications directly to the employees that they’re relevant to. Give users the ability to comment, like and share posts to really get the conversation started.

Boost Productivity With Great Search

Organizations lose $3,500 in productivity per employee every year due to time spent looking for important documents or creating duplicates from scratch. Bonzai’s powerful full-text indexing and predictive type-ahead search let users find any content fast.

Connect Your Team Anywhere, Anytime

With Bonzai’s centralized document portal, employees can access, download and edit documents on the fly — even offline.

Automate Forms To Drive Action

Bonzai’s workflow tools and automated forms make managing tasks easy. Create beautiful, mobile-friendly intranet forms to capture responses for surveys, HR requests and compliance tasks. Export responses from your completed forms to Excel for easy analysis and reporting. Escalate approval workflows to keep processes on track.

Make Connections And Save Time With Powerful Search And Navigation Features

Locate Everything You Need In Seconds

Find People Fast

It’s easy to find the people in your organization that you need to collaborate with. Quickly find employee contact details, location information and role through robust directories and fast and powerful search.

Take Advantage Of Hidden Talents

With Bonzai’s Expertise Tagging feature, you can search and find employees who possess a specific trait — such as language proficiency or web development skills — simply by checking a box in your company’s Employee Directory.

Seamless Document Management

Bonzai comes with built-in document organization. With powerful metadata and tagging capabilities, it’s easy to search and find content of any type. Bonzai’s smart, flexible and robust document management lets you access important or frequently used documents quickly.

Save Time And Improve Collaboration With Bonzai’s Award-Winning Intranet

With Best-In-Class Search, Intuitive Navigation And Useful Automation, Bonzai Makes It Easy For Employees To Make Connections And Get Things Done.

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