Our Purpose

To deliver a stress-free intranet experience across organizations from IT to each employee, simplifying communication, collaboration and engagement.


Our Promise

To deliver a stress-free alternative to designed-from-scratch intranets that maximize the value of your investment in SharePoint.


Our People

Dedicated to delivering a stress-free intranet experience, BONZAI-ers are maniacally client-focused in delivering successful and sustainable intranets.

Building the Stress-Free Intranet from the Ground Up

Our journey to creating BONZAI Intranet started long-before the BONZAI Intranet platform was born. The need for BONZAI was born out of the frustration, complexity and high-maintenance costs organizations were suffering from designing and implementing custom SharePoint intranets.

BONZAI Intranet was created by a talented team of Microsoft Certified Gold Partners in 2014, who had the business sense and technical skills to see that an alternative to designed-from-scratch intranets is not only possible, it’s imperative for organizations wanting to maximize the value of their investment in SharePoint.

Focused on helping companies accelerate the productivity of every single team member, BONZAI Intranet was created, an affordable digital workplace that enabled communication, collaboration and engagement faster than ever before with a pre-built intranet platform for SharePoint and Office 365.

Intranet Platform

“Our new intranet is helping us evolve the internal communication culture of G&F from one of email reliability to one of posting, sharing and disseminating everything through the intranet site.”

Bobby Dhillon

Vice President of Marketing, G&F Financial Group

A Globally Award-Winning Intranet Platform

We have been very fortunate to have been honored, since the launch of BONZAI Intranet in 2014, with international and industry-related awards alongside some of our spectacular clients.

These distinguishing awards have brought the team behind BONZAI Intranet great pride to be recognized for our tireless work in developing an intranet platform that actually simplifies connecting, communicating and engaging, while empowering employees to become more efficient, productive and connected.

BONZAI Positions for Growth

In 2018, BONZAI became part of the Skyvera portfolio of companies! Skyvera will accelerate BONZAI’s innovation and business impact to new heights with its scalable enterprise software development process and maniacal focus on customer success.

One immediate benefit of the acquisition is that BONZAI clients are now part of Skyvera’s Customer Success program. This program offers technical support hours across all time zones, VIP-level service for Platinum plan subscribers, and complimentary access to other products within the Skyvera portfolio.

BONZAI Intranet Builds Success

Since BONZAI was born out of the insatiable passion to help organizations better connect, communicate and engage while getting more out of their investment in SharePoint and Office 365, we developed a proprietary framework that takes you from intranet planning to intranet success in as little as 8 weeks.

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A Strong Community of 600,000+ Daily Active Users

  • Brad Fenn logo

    “BONZAI has allowed us to consolidate information, whether it’s policies, procedures or other documents. Our SharePoint administrator’s workload is quite a bit less because of BONZAI, the IT department is extremely pleased.”

    Brad Fenn

    Electronic Banking Technology Manager, UniBank

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  • Jeff Rousell logo

    “We were able to deploy BONZAI extremely fast which freed up resources and enabled my team to focus on developing line of business applications that impact productivity. Using the BONZAI Framework, my team delivered new applications faster than ever before.”

    Jeff Rousell

    Director of IT and Business Systems, PTC

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  • Jessica Stermann logo

    “BONZAI has done an excellent job working with our communications and IT teams to understand our needs and develop our intranet.”

    Jessica Stermann

    Communications Advisor, Ferus

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  • Kimberly La Liberte logo

    “Our new intranet expanded and improved our internal communications and opened up new avenues for our employees to engage with one another.”

    Kimberly La Liberte

    Marketing Manager, Horizon Credit Union

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  • Linda Gilbert logo

    “The training we received provided both a fundamental and in-depth understanding of BONZAI Intranet so that all levels of users could be successful.”

    Linda Gilbert

    IT Director, PRIDE Industries

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  • Tricia Johnston logo

    “Test as much as you can, as often as you can, throughout the planning and design phase of your project. It doesn’t take much time or that many people; you will quickly start to identify patterns in how employees think about the content.”

    Tricia Johnston

    Director of Corporate Communications, Capital Power

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