Award-Winning Intranets Born Here

Bonzai was created to offer a full-featured alternative to built-from-
scratch SharePoint intranets and it all starts with search.

A Customizable Intranet Built By SharePoint Experts

Bonzai is an intranet-in-a-box solution that helps organizations maximize the value of their investment.

Custom SharePoint intranets are hard to implement,
frustrating to use
 and expensive to maintain.

In 2014, a talented team of Microsoft-certified Gold Partners used their business sense and technical skills to identify a solution. Instead of focusing on designed-from-scratch intranets, organizations could embrace the alternative – a SharePoint intranet-in-a-box that offers customizable and powerful features, but without the unnecessary complexity and high price tag.

Bonzai is a pre-built platform for SharePoint and Office 365 that helps organizations maximize the value of their investment in existing software. Bonzai helps companies accelerate the productivity of every team member with an affordable digital workplace that enables communication, collaboration and engagement.

Your Intranet Will Run Smoothly For Years To Come

Bonzai Intranet Is Full-Featured, Easy to Use And Cost-Effective

Connected In Every Sense

Bonzai makes communication, collaboration and engagement easy for every employee in your organization.

An Exceptional Value

Our intranet-in-a-box provides a powerful alternative to designed-from-scratch intranets, which helps maximize the value of your investment in SharePoint.

Full Support At Every Stage

Bonzai offers all the assistance you need during setup, initiation and ongoing use of your intranet. We are committed to helping you maintain a successful and sustainable intranet that provides immense value for years to come.

An Award-Winning Intranet

Bonzai Intranets are regularly recognized by top industry experts and organizations.

We’re proud to partner with some of the biggest names in the world:

See How An Exceptional Intranet Can Transform Your Organization

With features like best-in-class search and intuitive navigation, Bonzai creates exciting new possibilities for collaboration, engagement and productivity.

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