Financial Intranets That You Can Count On

In the age of technology, you don’t just want an intranet. You want an intranet that better connects people and resources to provides business-critical information fast.

The Trusted Intranet for Financial Organizations

BONZAI Understands Financial Services

You want a partner that you can count on to help your digital transformation. BONZAI intranet is designed to solve the challenges that you face every day.

Count On Us

We’ve worked with financial institutions on a wide range of projects to fulfill their unique needs. With proven solution delivery methodology and industry experts, you can count on BONZAI.

Transform Internal Communications with BONZAI

BONZAI facilitates targeted communications to employees across different locations and departments so that employees only receive information that’s pertinent to them.

Employee Interactions

BONZAI encourages employees to engage and interact with company information, news and events while also enabling management teams to contribute to the conversation.

Forecast Success with BONZAI Intranet for Finance

“The ability to find, post, update and remove documentation is much easier than previous systems. Plus, the ability to tag documents is extremely useful in making sure information is widely accessible and easily found through search.”

Megan Garnham

Organizational Development Manager, G&F Financial

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Balance Employee Engagement & Productivity with BONZAI

BONZAI enhances employee engagement and fosters corporate culture through innovative features such as buy & sell marketplace, news and events.

Enable employees to be productive by having the right tools and information on-hand so they can complete tasks efficiently, without losing valuable time searching for information.

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