Case Study

Horizon Credit Union Sees 90% Daily Engagement With Bonzai

Learn how Bonzai helps Horizon Credit Union streamline document management, improve internal messaging and allow any employee to publish original content.

In This Case Study

Horizon Credit Union’s old intranet was a navigational nightmare – it didn’t have a search function, and there was no way to know which document version was the most current. The process of posting content was slow and complicated, leaving employees feeling disengaged.

Bonzai helped Horizon Credit Union create a new, user-friendly intranet lets anyone find, share or add content easily, and that perfectly matched its branding.

With Bonzai, Horizon Credit Union is able to:

  • Minimize time spent looking for documents with best-in-class search
  • Boost engagement by allowing employees to personalize their own platform
  • Offer a single source of truth for the company
  • Create a space where employees can learn and engage
  • Turbocharge internal communications – 90% of employees log onto the intranet daily

It’s Time To Transform

Let us show you how much easier your work life can be with Bonzai Intranet on your team.