Engage Your Remote Team and Empower Communication With Your Intranet

Is your team communicating effectively? Communication plays a key role in the way we work together and impacts our ability to be productive. When your team is remote, this is even more important. Here’s how you can use a corporate intranet to promote internal communication and engage your remote team. 

Loss Of Lateral Communication

Lateral communication (also called horizontal communication) is communication between workers at the same level within organizations. This was simple enough when all employees were in the same building. However, as organizations grow, lateral communication becomes increasingly complex. 

Today, as more teams are distributed, it’s even harder for people to connect. According to one survey, more than half of remote workers say that their top challenges relate to communication. While there are many communication tools available, most of them don’t meet the needs of today’s workforce. 

Communication For Today’s Workforce 

Right now, co-workers can’t just find each other in the office or connect during real-time meetings. Instead, they have to connect from home. The problem isn't communicating across offices. It’s communicating to remote workers and contractors who could be anywhere on the planet. This makes having a solid communication strategy critical. 

The Consequences Of Poor Communication

Communication plays a big role in the way that organizations operate and corporate culture. In fact, 73% of CEOs and CFOs believe that communication among employees is key to positive culture. If employees don’t have a simple way to connect and collaborate with each other, the entire company will feel the impact. 

Poor communication leads to decreased productivity, low engagement and even a higher rate of employee churn. However, this doesn’t have to be your organization’s reality. Modern intranets bundle the communication features your organization needs into a user-friendly experience. 

Engaging Your Remote Team With Bonzai Intranet

Our intarnet acts as a central digital hub to unify your organization. It empowers your remote team to communicate effectively and engage with each other from anywhere and on any device. We also make it easier to build excitement, strengthen relationships and promote a positive company culture. Here’s how:

Best-In-Class Search

Empower employees to access the information they need and quickly locate collaborators across your organization. With governance, predictive navigation and intuitive search, every user can find the content and the people they need fast. .

Better Communication

With Bonzai, you can create company-wide announcements or send targeted notifications to specific employees. Then, our two-way communication feature allows employees in any location to respond and communicate their needs effectively. 

Social Workplace 

When working remotely, it can be particularly challenging to connect with co-workers. Bonzai solves that problem. Our intranet gives users the ability to like, share and comment on posts. This drives natural connections between employees to motivate your team and keep engagement high. 

Ready To Help Your Remote Team Conquer Communication?

Bonzai helps companies accelerate the productivity of every single team member with a best-in-class intranet that enables communication, collaboration and engagement. To see what Bonzai can do for your organization, schedule a free demo.

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