7 Workplace Resolutions (And how your intranet can help)

When we think about New Year’s resolutions we often focus on ones that affect us personally. Like being more organized, or losing weight.

But there are also many things we can change in the workplace—like things that relate to communication and engagement. The good news is that thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to improve the workplace and stay accountable to these resolutions.

Here are seven resolutions to consider for your workplace, and how technology can help:

Work From Home More


With the exception of particular roles and industries, most employees have the ability to now work from home. This is mainly because so many tools are now available to help employees collaborate online, rather than in person. If you have an intranet you have access to documents, company news, and discussions no matter where you are located geographically. In other words, if you can work from home, enjoy it.


Join In On A Conversation

When we are heads down and busy it’s hard to get the energy or the courage, to reach out to others. If you have an intranet this is fairly easy to accomplish. Make a point of connecting to a colleague you don’t usually interact with. It can be as easy as commenting on someone else’s discussion, or initiating a new conversation.


Connect With A Remote Worker


Depending on the size of your company you may have many workers who work outside the company. Or you may have employees who don’t have jobs that require them to have desks or computers. How do you currently interact with these employees? If a holiday party is the only time you reach out to these colleagues, it’s time to try connecting with them through other means, like your intranet. Reach out and say hello!


Increase Knowledge


While a lot of intranets have become dumping grounds for stale documents, many intranets are thriving bustling communities full of knowledge. You might be surprised at what information is buried in your intranet. Policies and procedures, product roadmaps, and other documents are all educational resources worth including on your intranet. So if you want employees to access this knowledge, you need to make it easy to locate.


Share Important Information

Some employees fear sharing information because they worry someone else will take credit for their work or ideas. To create an environment where employees want to share, it needs to be easy for employees. It’s also worth rewarding employees who share knowledge. To get the ball rolling, initiate a discussion and ask employees to contribute their knowledge on particular discussion. Or hold a contest to see who can answer something the fastest.


Send Less Email


With so many ways of communicating, there is no reason to rely solely on email. If you have an intranet it’s a good opportunity to tie conversation into discussions that are posted. For example, if you have any upcoming corporate event, all updates and relevant discussion can occur in the posting, rather than clogging up email inboxes.


Use Your Intranet


Finally, to ensure the success of your intranet, it’s crucial that employees actually use it. Make it a priority in 2016 to increase the adoption of your intranet. Your communication and culture depend on it.

It’s Time To Transform

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