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How To Create the Best Intranet Name For Your Company Intranet

How to Build Your Best Intranet Team 

We’ve collected the essential ingredients from our years of intranet implementations to share our experience for creating the ideal intranet team. Our aim is to help you succeed from the beginning of your intranet project planning right through to intranet […]

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Experimenting with AngularJS inside a SharePoint Visual Web Part

One day, I was having breakfast with a JavaScript guru buddy of mine and I asked him, what is the latest development trend on the web these days? One of the things he mentioned was AngularJS by Google. That got […]

5 Ways to Focus Your Employee Engagement Efforts

Engagement is one of the biggest challenges at any workplace for corporate communications, HR, internal communication and marketing managers alike. How can you solve the elusive engagement paradigm? We have a few ideas.

Why Horizon North Migrated to SharePoint Online with Bonzai Intranet

A Sharegate study found that 37% of organizations operate with SharePoint On-Premises. If you’re among that 37%, or the 41% with a Hybrid environment, it’s very likely that you’re considering migrating to SharePoint Online. We recently conducted a case study with […]

5 Best Practices for Your Intranet Content Plan

What Can a SharePoint Intranet Do for My Business?

A more correct way to rephrase that question may be, “What do you want a SharePoint intranet to do for your business?” According to Microsoft research, nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint but their use cases differ. SharePoint, […]

10 Killer Features on the Office 365 Planner Roadmap

With the recent release of Planner to all Office 365 users, many have asked about the product roadmap. The application is already providing worldwide users with a more efficient way to plan, communicate and collaborate with their teams; but there […]

How a University Mastered Faculty & Staff Engagement

Douglas College was founded in 1970 and has grown to educate 24,000 students across two major campuses and a training center. To support their accredited bachelors, post-graduate and associate degrees, the college employs 480 faculty members and 415 staff administrators […]

Office 365 Planner FAQs

We hosted a demo on Office 365 Planner Best and had the highest turnout we’ve ever experienced. Typically, there are handful of questions from the audience but this time around, there were pages. Since there is so much excitement around Planner, […]

Can an Intranet Improve Your Corporate Culture?

In rapidly changing business environments, corporate culture is the glue that holds organizations together. Top executives believe that corporate culture is a key force that drives value creation and the success or failure of an organizations. To corroborate this statement, […]

3 Reasons Why Your CEO Wants an Intranet

We are nearly half the way through 2016 and CEOs have some cause for concern. While the job market has been booming at a rate as healthy as the 1990’s, US GDP has increased by a measly 0.5% annual growth […]