How To Create the Best Intranet Name For Your Company Intranet

A well-designed Intranet has the power to make the day-to-day life of your employees so much easier. Your company intranet, if done right, will also help your people feel more connected to each other regardless of where they’re physically located. When I think about company intranets that are truly adored, something they have in common is that they all have distinct, meaningful names and unique personalities. This blog seeks to inspire you to carefully consider the importance of your intranet name, which ultimately brings your employee digital workplace to life.

The Journey to Creating a Great Intranet Name

To kick-off the search for a great intranet name for your new company intranet, we suggest that the intranet team decides at the beginning of the intranet project that the old intranet name is vetoed. There are too many reasons for this, some of which may seem obvious. The most likely reason that you’re creating a new company intranet is that the previous intranet sucked. Excuse the expletive but if you saw some of the ‘intranets’ that we’ve seen in our day you would probably feel the same!

Second, the new company intranet provides an opportunity to start afresh and enhance employee collaboration, internal communication and employee engagement, so having a beautiful new intranet platform with a fitting new name clears the runway for your new digital workplace to take flight. So, while you’re getting rid of that clunky, old intranet platform, you ought to scrap the crummy name that goes along with it.

Once this important decision is treated as, well just that – an important decision, then it’s time to spread your wings and let the search for the best intranet name commence.

Best Company Intranet Name

Give the Company Intranet Naming Power to Your People

Reaching out to the heart of your organization- its people, provides a terrific source of inspiration for finding the best new intranet name. After all, your staff members know the organization inside out and are privy to the organizational norms, ethos and inside jokes, which may come in handy when searching for the best name for your new company intranet.

It’s important that the new intranet name is fit for purpose and we strongly advise against taking the easy route and choosing a common intranet name that could be applied to any company intranet. Such common intranet names include ‘The Hub,’ ‘The Link' and ‘The Intranet.’ Intranet names such as these miss out on the valuable opportunity of bringing the new intranet to life and the chance to create an alluring personality that can have a very positive effect on user uptake and intranet engagement.

Name Your Company Intranet

What’s in an Intranet Name?

One of the single biggest opportunities of involving the wider employee group in naming the new intranet, is the incredibly positive influence it has on the change management aspect of introducing a new digital workplace. By nature, most people don’t like change especially if they view it as ‘a change for change sake,’ without fully appreciating the benefits of said change, as is often the case with a new intranet. However, the excitement and buzz created when the entire workforce has a say in naming the new platform can nullify or at least significantly reduce this resistance to change.

Who Doesn’t Love a bit of Friendly Competition?

By adding an element of fun to the process through a contest, you will be surprised by the number of people keen to partake and you’ll be amazed by the sheer number of clever suggestions that will come your way! Believe it or not, an intranet naming competition can double as a team building exercise. Why not split your workforce by department, region or office location to encourage teams to work together to submit their best intranet name suggestions? Then the entire organization can vote on the shortlist of intranet names to select a winner! Microsoft Forms can help make this an easy process as it takes all the hassle out of gathering the new intranet name suggestions. Simplicity is key!

We hope that you have great fun in naming your new intranet platform and take the opportunity to use this task as a fun exercise to streamline change management, engage employees and increase user uptake on your new intranet platform.

It’s Time To Transform

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