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Make Your Document Infrastructure Work In The Virtual World With Bonzai

Why An Intranet Is More Important Than Ever During COVID-19

As organizations adapt to COVID-19 and shift to remote work, effective internal communication is more important than ever. Learn how an intranet can help.

How To Create the Best Intranet Name For Your Company Intranet

This blog seeks to inspire you to carefully consider the importance of your intranet name, which ultimately brings your employee digital workplace to life.

Content Hoarding And How It Negatively Impacts Your Intranet

If you want your Intranet to be powerful, you need to consider what stands in the way of its success.

Why The Employee Intranet Is Not Dead

At its heart, an employee intranet is at its best when it becomes the trusted source of organizational truth. How does this happen?

Perfecting The Art Of Intranet Search

If Intranet Content Is So Important, How Are We Helping Our Content Authors?

Ensure that your intranet content is up-to-date and engaging by providing content creators with the right tools, support and guidance.

Information Architecture 101 For A Killer Digital Workplace

Get a crash course in information architecture and how to optimize it for better intranet results.

5 Elements To Create An Award-Winning Intranet

With its pre-built features for SharePoint and Office 365, Bonzai enables the creation of an award-winning intranet in as little as 12 weeks.

5 Reasons To Start Your Intranet Content Audit Today

Providing high-quality, relevant content is a must for any intranet, and it all begins with a content audit.

The Future of Intranets, the Digital Workplace, and the Impact of AI on Governance & Information Security [Part 2]

5 Simple Steps to Create the Best Intranet Name

An important aspect of launching your new intranet or digital workplace is giving it a relevant name that’s both thoughtful and valuable. This important step can be overlooked especially during the busy launch period of the intranet project, but it’s an influential […]