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Why An Intranet Is More Important Than Ever During COVID-19

How To Create the Best Intranet Name For Your Company Intranet

This blog seeks to inspire you to carefully consider the importance of your intranet name, which ultimately brings your employee digital workplace to life.

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How a Leadership Development Program Improved Internal Communications at UniBank

The recommendation of a new intranet platform to combat internal communication gaps and reestablish a sense of community across UniBank, was initiated by employees taking part in UniBank’s distinguished leadership development program BLADE, which stands for Basic Leadership Acumen Distinction […]

How to Build Your Best Intranet Team 

We’ve collected the essential ingredients from our years of intranet implementations to share our experience for creating the ideal intranet team. Our aim is to help you succeed from the beginning of your intranet project planning right through to intranet […]

5 Ways to Focus Your Employee Engagement Efforts

Engagement is one of the biggest challenges at any workplace for corporate communications, HR, internal communication and marketing managers alike. How can you solve the elusive engagement paradigm? We have a few ideas.

7 Workplace Resolutions (And how your intranet can help)

The Top 10 Intranet Features

I’ve been in the intranet space for nearly 10 years now and a lot has changed. When I first entered, the majority of intranets were custom built on SharePoint. They often took years to develop and over a million dollars […]

How an Oil & Gas Giant Increased Productivity With Bonzai Intranet

Source Energy Services is the largest Canadian owned integrated supplier and distributor of Tier 1 frac sand in Canada. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, they employ 260 staff in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Wisconsin and Texas. Prior to implementing Bonzai Intranet, Source […]

Should you monitor social interactions on your Intranet or Digital Workplace?

A compelling feature of state-of-the-art Intranets is the ability for users to engage via comments, likes and shares. These forms of social interaction, once the exclusive domain of Facebook and Twitter, are now core components of modernized Intranet solutions.  

Why HR Can No Longer Survive Without an Intranet

When we think of an intranet, we often think of it as a tool for internal communicators.

How an Intranet Can Increase Internal Knowledge Share

Most of us are aware that we aren’t sharing and communicating enough. Not that we mean to, it’s just sometimes too easy to remain in our cozy little cubicles. Unfortunately, this behaviour comes at a cost.

How to Prevent Your Intranet From Being Too Social

While everyone agrees that an intranet needs to be engaging, it can be a fine line between keeping between keeping employees informed, and turning your intranet into a workplace gossip zone.