Why HR Can No Longer Survive Without an Intranet

When we think of an intranet, we often think of it as a tool for internal communicators.

Yes, this is true. A strong communication platform like an intranet can be an internal communicator’s best friend. However there are many roles who benefit from the power of an intranet; like HR professionals.

More often than not HR is at the center of an organization, so doesn’t it make sense to equip them with technology that fosters this? If you are still confused, or if your HR department is wondering what’s really in it for them, it’s time to let them know.

Employee Retention


One of the biggest reasons cited for high turnover is low employee engagement. Sure, employees may complain about wages, but if you can make an employee feel appreciated, you can retain them much longer. An intranet helps increase employee engagement by allowing for constant interaction with other colleagues. Also, because an intranet often features company news, employees are kept updated on important company announcements, making them feel more connected to the company.


One of the biggest advantages of an intranet is its capability to assist with recruiting efforts. By using an intranet to announce vacancies internally HR can expand their reach. Hiring internally is often less effort than traditional external hiring methods. However, even external recruiting can be aided with an intranet because hiring managers can share resumes and discuss candidate information through online discussions prior to an interview.

Cultivating Culture

Because HR is the hub of an organization, it often falls to them to create and maintain company culture. There are many ways an intranet can help with this. For example, an intranet can track birthdays and anniversaries and therefore help employees connect with each other more frequently. An intranet also allows HR employees to post employee photos and videos, which further helps build community and culture.

Reduced Administration


“Where do I find the vacation policy?” or, ”Where is the latest company directory?” While not really part of their job, HR employees are often inundated with document requests from their colleagues. An intranet removes this pain entirely by providing a central location for document access. This means HR can spend more time on the things that really matter and less time on mundane document access.


At some point we have all been the new employee and can all recall just how difficult those first few weeks on the job can be. There is all that time spent meeting everyone, and learning everyone’s names. Then there is all those policies and forms we are given that feel pointless. And finally, there is the all the learning that must happen in the first few weeks. An intranet is one of the most important tools to aid in new employee onboarding. Firstly, it serves as a hub for all important documentation. Secondly, it allows new employees to familiarize and connect with colleagues online. And finally, it serves as a central portal for all company news, events, and announcements. Want to really enable your new hires? Consider creating an entire section on your intranet specifically devoted to new employees.

It’s Time To Transform

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