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What’s happening at CUNA ACUC [America’s Credit Union Conference]?

We’re thrilled for the upcoming CUNA America’s Credit Union Conference taking place at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston from June 28th – July 1st, where we’ll be speaking at an exclusive Industry Trends Session on Friday June 29th with […]

5 Ways to Focus Your Employee Engagement Efforts

Engagement is one of the biggest challenges at any workplace for corporate communications, HR, internal communication and marketing managers alike. How can you solve the elusive engagement paradigm? We have a few ideas.

What You Need to Know About Intranets [Interview]

(Data Analyst @ Bonzai) talks with Rayna O’Neil (Director of Sales) on some of the common challenges and opportunities associated with intranet projects .

How to Prioritize Feature Ideas for Product Development [Interview]

Welcome to episode 3 of the Building Bonzai Podcast. In today’s episode, our hosts Matthew Carriere (Director of Engineering & Co-founder @ Bonzai) and Chantal Cameron (Data Analyst @ Bonzai) discuss what engineering should be building, what is a minimum […]

Bonzai Intranet Awarded Intranet Choice for North America 2018

BONZAI Intranet is truly honored to be the Intranet Choice for North America 2018! As last year’s top-rated North American SharePoint out-of-the-box Intranet, we once again outperformed the competition in the SharePoint Intranet In-A-Box Report by ClearBox Consulting, an independent […]

Tips for Calculating Intranet ROI

If you’re trying to determine how on earth to calculate the ROI of an intranet or digital workplace, you’re not alone. While it is easy to see the qualitative value of a centralized and private portal, that allows your knowledge workers […]

Why Buy an Intranet Solution for SharePoint?

Many have asked us why organizations seek out Intranet Solutions for SharePoint. The question typically comes as, “Isn’t SharePoint an Intranet on its own…why do I need to purchase something on top of it?”

How an Intranet Transforms Learning in the Workplace

If you are underestimating the importance of corporate learning, or thinking it doesn’t apply to your workplace, think again. At some point or another, every company embarks on learning of some type. There is on-boarding, product training, education on corporate […]

7 Things That Can Ruin an Intranet (And How to Rescue It)

When deploying an intranet there is a lot of information and advice on what you should do to ensure adequate engagement and participation.  However it’s equally important to understand what types of actions or behaviours can destroy your intranet.

Intranet Etiquette. Why it Matters.

Foosball tables, kegs of beer, and casual work attire–the workplace has become a lot more relaxed than it was in our parent’s generation.

What Documents Do You Need on Your Intranet?

One of the best features of a corporate intranet is the ability to host documents. And it’s no surprise since the benefits are obvious: Less demand on servers, less internal paper, and easier access to all documents.

4 Office Personalities that Might Benefit the Most from an Intranet

It’s hard to tell sometimes who is going to benefit the most from an intranet. We might automatically assume it’s going to be someone in an internal communications or HR role, but that’s not always the case. While these two […]