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Office 365 Planner FAQs

We hosted a demo on Office 365 Planner Best and had the highest turnout we’ve ever experienced. Typically, there are handful of questions from the audience but this time around, there were pages. Since there is so much excitement around Planner, […]

Can an Intranet Improve Your Corporate Culture?

In rapidly changing business environments, corporate culture is the glue that holds organizations together. Top executives believe that corporate culture is a key force that drives value creation and the success or failure of an organizations. To corroborate this statement, […]

3 Reasons Why Your CEO Wants an Intranet

We are nearly half the way through 2016 and CEOs have some cause for concern. While the job market has been booming at a rate as healthy as the 1990’s, US GDP has increased by a measly 0.5% annual growth […]

How an Intranet Can Increase Internal Knowledge Share

Most of us are aware that we aren’t sharing and communicating enough. Not that we mean to, it’s just sometimes too easy to remain in our cozy little cubicles. Unfortunately, this behaviour comes at a cost.

Why Your Intranet Became A Ghost Town

Despite the evolution of intranets, one of the biggest challenges remains employee adoption. I’d like to say this surprises me, but really, it doesn’t. Why? Because I’ve seen a lot of ‘dead’ intranets in my time, and I have to […]

5 Ways To Inject Personality Into Your Intranet

A lot of companies invest time in crafting a fabulous communication and a brand experience for their customers–which they should. But unfortunately our internal communication doesn’t always get the same attention. We often fail to recognize that it is just […]

7 Things About Intranets I Learnt the Hard Way [Infographic]

In April we invited guest speaker Sam Marshall of Clearbox UK to join us for our Bonzai Webinar series as he gave his talk

How an Intranet can Rescue you from a Productivity Slump

No matter how successful your business is, there will inevitably be times where you and your employees hit a productivity slump. Sometimes this is as a result of employee turnover. Sometimes it’s from decreased sales. Or sometimes it’s just simply […]

4 Reasons Your Employees Are Not Collaborating

Collaboration seems like an easy concept right? You get a few people talking, and boom, ideas start flowing, and suddenly your company is more productive.

How to Unite Every Single Employee (Even When They’re Overseas!)

If your employees are scattered around the globe and speak different languages, the thought of connecting them may seem impossible. Actually, come to think of it, it’s sometimes challenging enough to connect and engage employees within the same office.

Why are Corporate Communicators so Dependent on Intranets?

If you are a communications professional, you likely understand the anguish of trying to get critical corporate messages out.

7 Things About Intranets I Learned The Hard Way (Webinar)

Sam Marshall is the owner of ClearBox Consulting and has specialized in intranets and the digital workplace for over 16 years, working with companies such as AstraZeneca, AkzoNobel, BT, The RSPB, Standard Life and BUPA. His current activities focus on intranet and […]