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3 Reasons Why Your CEO Wants an Intranet

We are nearly half the way through 2016 and CEOs have some cause for concern. While the job market has been booming at a rate as healthy as the 1990’s, US GDP has increased by a measly 0.5% annual growth […]

The Top 5 Intranet Governance Best Practices

How would you feel if your favorite news source failed to add new content for days – weeks – or months at a time? Would you continue to visit their page daily for updates? Keeping tabs on your intranet’s content […]

How an Intranet Transforms Learning in the Workplace

If you are underestimating the importance of corporate learning, or thinking it doesn’t apply to your workplace, think again. At some point or another, every company embarks on learning of some type. There is on-boarding, product training, education on corporate […]

7 Things That Can Ruin an Intranet (And How to Rescue It)

When deploying an intranet there is a lot of information and advice on what you should do to ensure adequate engagement and participation.  However it’s equally important to understand what types of actions or behaviours can destroy your intranet.

What Documents Do You Need on Your Intranet?

One of the best features of a corporate intranet is the ability to host documents. And it’s no surprise since the benefits are obvious: Less demand on servers, less internal paper, and easier access to all documents.

Signs Your Company Desperately Needs an Intranet

If you aren’t already using an intranet, you likely aren’t aware of all the benefits of social collaboration technology; especially if you have operated the same way for a long period of time. For example, you may not even realize […]

Yes, Even CEOs Need an Intranet

If you are a CEO, the concept of an intranet is likely the furthest thing from your mind. In fact, to some of you, it might even feel like an unnecessary fluffy piece of technology; or just another tool that […]

4 Office Personalities that Might Benefit the Most from an Intranet

It’s hard to tell sometimes who is going to benefit the most from an intranet. We might automatically assume it’s going to be someone in an internal communications or HR role, but that’s not always the case. While these two […]

Why Your Intranet Became A Ghost Town

Despite the evolution of intranets, one of the biggest challenges remains employee adoption. I’d like to say this surprises me, but really, it doesn’t. Why? Because I’ve seen a lot of ‘dead’ intranets in my time, and I have to […]

When Your Employees Hate Your Intranet

If you oversee your intranet it’s easy to get caught up in the amazing benefits and see only the good stuff. After all, you know why a corporate intranet is the best tool possible for your company. You don’t need […]

How to Ensure a Stress Free Intranet Launch

You did it. You finally selected an intranet. The hard part is done right? Well, sort of. Next up is the actual company-wide launch which is understandably making you a little nervous.

Does an Intranet Still Matter?

In the past twenty years there have been many tools and mediums used to communicate within the workplace. From the telephone, to the fax machine, to email, to the intranet, we’ve relied on a lot of technology to help us […]