Signs Your Company Desperately Needs an Intranet

If you aren’t already using an intranet, you likely aren’t aware of all the benefits of social collaboration technology; especially if you have operated the same way for a long period of time. For example, you may not even realize that there are many processes and communications that could drastically be improved. Here are a few everyday situations that really scream for an intranet:

Paper is everywhere


Could your workplace survive without paper if you had to? For some companies it is a very scary thought. Thankfully technology is helping us all evolve to a paperless society. From document signing technology, to note taking applications, we don’t need paper as much as we think we do. An intranet can play a large role in reducing paper. For example, if your employee directory is on your intranet, you don’t need to have a print out at your desk. Also, if you are collaborating on an online document, you don’t need to edit a hard copy, rather you can edit online. Reducing paper can also play a huge role for companies who wish to lower the carbon footprint.

Your email inbox is full of useless stuff


When companies don’t have intranets, they tend to rely on email to get important (and non-important) announcements sent out. Before you know it your entire email inbox is full of information that may be completely irrelevant to you or your job. This is especially important when employees return from vacation and are forced to spend time deleting emails that were never intended for them in the first place. Complicating matters further is when someone hits reply all. You are now receiving even more useful info. If these conversations were contained to a corporate intranet, then the discussions related to it stay within the post.

Employees don’t know each other


When companies get to a certain size it becomes difficult for employees to know each other. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but rather an inevitable result of growth. On a personal level you may not care if you know your fellow colleagues, but what if knowing employees could help you one day do your job? For example, you might not be aware that an employee in your finance department recently completed an advanced Excel course and can help assist you with a document you’ve been struggling with. An intranet can help employees connect with each other on a personal and work related level.

Employees aren’t aware of other departmental goals


Sure you know there is a customer service team, and yes, you know there is a product team, but are you really aware of what they are working on? Even more importantly, do you understand how their job relates to yours? A corporate intranet creates a type of visibility critical to every workplace. Seeing and understanding who employees are and what they are working on can have a huge impact on productivity and employee engagement.

Document finding takes forever. When you need a document immediately, can you find it? Or does it take forever? Sometimes our paths to a document are lengthy and we don’t question them. An intranet can help centralize all your document management. Even more important, it can ensure that the documents you access are the most up to date versions.

It’s Time To Transform

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