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Migrating from Company Newsletter to Intranet: Tips and Tricks

Many of companies we work with are migrating away from the company newsletter to a company Intranet. On average, knowledge workers spend 7 hours per week reading, sorting and reply to email. This equates to 54 days per year and […]

The Top 5 Intranet Governance Best Practices

How would you feel if your favorite news source failed to add new content for days – weeks – or months at a time? Would you continue to visit their page daily for updates? Keeping tabs on your intranet’s content […]

Intranet Etiquette. Why it Matters.

Foosball tables, kegs of beer, and casual work attire–the workplace has become a lot more relaxed than it was in our parent’s generation.

How to Prevent Your Intranet From Being Too Social

While everyone agrees that an intranet needs to be engaging, it can be a fine line between keeping between keeping employees informed, and turning your intranet into a workplace gossip zone.

Signs Your Company Desperately Needs an Intranet

If you aren’t already using an intranet, you likely aren’t aware of all the benefits of social collaboration technology; especially if you have operated the same way for a long period of time. For example, you may not even realize […]

Yes, Even CEOs Need an Intranet

If you are a CEO, the concept of an intranet is likely the furthest thing from your mind. In fact, to some of you, it might even feel like an unnecessary fluffy piece of technology; or just another tool that […]

Does an Intranet Still Matter?

In the past twenty years there have been many tools and mediums used to communicate within the workplace. From the telephone, to the fax machine, to email, to the intranet, we’ve relied on a lot of technology to help us […]

Why HR Professionals Love Intranets

It’s been said that HR professionals are some of the slowest adopters of enterprise technology. Whether or not this is true, they are one of the biggest groups to benefit from the technology of an intranet.

Do Your Employees Know Each Other?

Does it really matter if you never learn the names of those folks in the development department? What about Suzy in accounting? Does it impact your job if you don’t know what her degree is in?

Three Business Cases for a Corporate Intranet

Intranets once got a bad rap. They were considered too social and viewed as a tool that distracted employees from their work. Somewhere along the way, perceptions changed and we realized that when done right, a strong intranet can unite […]

Why are Corporate Communicators so Dependent on Intranets?

If you are a communications professional, you likely understand the anguish of trying to get critical corporate messages out.

G&F Financial Group Chooses Bonzai Intranet to Create a Single Source of Information For All Employees (Press Release)

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – March 24th, 2015) – Bonzai Intranet is proud to announce that G&F Financial Group has chosen Bonzai Intranet for SharePoint to create a single source of information for all employees.