Why HR Professionals Love Intranets

It’s been said that HR professionals are some of the slowest adopters of enterprise technology. Whether or not this is true, they are one of the biggest groups to benefit from the technology of an intranet.

Why? Because most HR duties involve things like managing employee relations, hiring new staff, and growing company culture--tasks that an intranet is best suited to. Here are a few reasons why HR professionals love intranets:


Onboarding of new employees is one of the most underrated tasks. Sure, some of it falls to the manager, but a lot still involves HR. To ensure the success of new employees it’s important to create an onboarding program so your new employees can get up-to-speed with the company. Regardless of your onboarding approach, it takes approximately four weeks for your employees to feel comfortable in their role and begin providing real value. Intranets simplify onboarding. They give employees a portal to learn at their own pace and become familiar with company news, employee faces, and corporate policies.


If you have worked in HR for a long time you likely remember the days where much of your day was occupied by answering employee requests for forms. What a waste of time right? An intranet is provides a central portal for all employees to access these forms and policies. This could include health benefit forms, vacation requests, or harassment policies. Confidential documents? No problem. Intranets have settings to allow you to restrict and control who has access to specific forms and who doesn’t.


At its core, HR’s mandate is to work with the people who make up the organization. Depending on the size of your company and how it is structured, HR likely plays an important role in employee engagement. At the very least they need to be actively involved in health and well-being programs. An intranet provides a place for HR to connect directly to employees. Whether it’s engaging them on upcoming events, new policies, or corporate announcements, an intranet is one of the easiest ways to engage with staff.


If you oversee recruitment you are always looking for an easier and faster way to hire new employees right? This is why a lot of companies recruit first internally. And why not? Filling a role in-house saves time and money. The employee is already familiar with the business, and the candidate’s strengths have already been assessed--not to mention, no reference checking! Even if you don’t hire internally, an intranet helps with recruitment because employees are aware of all vacancies and can spread the word by referring friends outside of the office.

Employee Relations

Human resource professionals have a large responsibility for preserving and strengthening the employer-employee relationship. This means having a real strategy that promotes the well-being of your employees, and a safe working environment, free from discrimination and harassment. An intranet creates opportunities to host policies as well as the chance to add online learning opportunities. To minimize potential risks, HR staff should constantly be on top of workplace policies, and provide training to employees and managers who depend on these policies.

What other tasks do you see an intranet helping with? Tell me in the comments below!

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