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  • Chuck Thompson logo

    “BONZAI Intranet has helped us solve key areas of opportunity for our organization’s intranet: 1. Clean and modern interface. 2. Personalization to improve employee productivity and efficiency. 3. Responsive design provides users with a custom user experience no matter what device they are accessing our intranet from.”

    Chuck Thompson

    Collaboration Services Manager, Macy's

  • Jennifer Crosby logo

    “BONZAI Intranet effectively supports our management team in accomplishing tasks relating to staff management, KPI tracking and Policy & Procedure adherence. Having a trusted, centralized information portal is hugely beneficial.”

    Jennifer Crosby

    Consultant, Health Informatics, Fraser Health Authority

  • Jason Stidham logo

    “BONZAI is above and beyond any other vendor I’ve worked with. The planning, detail, help, and responsiveness from our project team at BONZAI has been nothing short of amazing. Plus, the product rocks!”

    Jason Stidham

    Communications & Development Manager, Bay Federal Credit Union

  • James Logan logo

    “BONZAI Intranet enables us to continually improve our intranet without the overhead of a large dedicated development team.”

    James Logan

    Developer, Expeditors

  • Karen Plamondon logo

    “Our new BONZAI Intranet delivers a trusted platform for employees to access important tools and information to help them do their jobs.”

    Karen Plamondon

    Manager, BCAA

  • Pat Chung logo

    “BONZAI is a great product that is easy to implement and sustain. We were able to execute from design to go-live in a matter of months.”

    Pat Chung

    Director, Data Management & Reporting, Vancouver Coastal Health

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