Case Study

Capital Power Saves $225K With Award-Winning Bonzai Intranet

Learn how Bonzai helped Capital Power build an industry-leading intranet that’s sustainable, flexible, cost-effective and easy to navigate.

In This Case Study

Capital Power needed to replace a custom-built intranet that had become obsolete. The Canadian utilities company wanted user-friendly search, mobile responsiveness and the ability to access all information within two clicks from the homepage.

Bonzai helped Capital Power save $225K with its extremely easy-to-use intranet that’s simple to navigate, even on mobile. Bonzai Intranet for Office 365 met 95% of Capital Power’s requirements out of the box, and it allowed for powerful customization that helped Capital Power win a Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design of the Year Award.

With Bonzai, Capital Power was able to:

  • Streamline business processes to align employees across locations
  • Help employees access information easily on mobile
  • Dramatically increase employee intranet engagement by 42%, particularly through popular pages like employee spotlight and marketplace
  • Sharply reduce intranet support resources, thanks to ease of use and navigation

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