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The Stress-Free SharePoint Intranet

Fill your SharePoint intranet gaps without heavy customizations with a stress-free intranet that delivers an intuitive user-experience pre-built for Microsoft SharePoint online or on-premises.

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The Stress-Free Intranet Platform

A SharePoint Intranet Platform that adapts and scales to your organizational needs.

How Capital Power Overcame 7 SharePoint Intranet Challenges [On-Demand Webinar]

See how Capital Power created an award-winning SharePoint Intranet on BONZAI that eliminated the complexity deploying a flexible and easy-to-use intranet for all users while employing a robust governance procedure to ensure their intranet remains up-to-date.

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Get More out of Your SharePoint Intranet

Enjoy the ultimate SharePoint intranet experience with BONZAI’s fully-featured intranet solution. Everything you like about SharePoint without the hassle! BONZAI delivers your stress-free, seamless user experience that makes each employee’s day easier.

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Everything You Need in One Integrated Intranet Platform

BONZAI SharePoint intranet platform integrates all your resources in one place, so you don’t have to jump between applications. Extend your intranet platform easily with SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Skype, Delve, Yammer and native integration with more of the Office 365 Stack. The flexible architecture makes it easy to customize and integrate with third-party applications for better productivity, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

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Advanced Links

Provide quick links to external applications for better accessibility. Target apps based on role, location or whatever you set content targeting for.


Hybrid Search

Make it easier and quicker for everyone to find information. Surface content from different systems with powerful SharePoint search capabilities and present results within a BONZAI page for consistent look and feel.


3rd Party Application Integration

Extend the capabilities of your SharePoint intranet by integrating easily with other systems such as workflow automation systems via supported APIs so everything is connected in a smooth, organized way.


Deploy Your SharePoint Intranet Faster

BONZAI is a full-fledged and ready-to-go SharePoint intranet platform whether you like it deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Better yet, BONZAI could help you migrate to the cloud with lesser risk with a hybrid intranet, allowing you to deploy a cloud intranet while maintaining your sites on-premises.

More than just SharePoint

We’ve helped clients design and deliver SharePoint Intranet solutions, and over time we’ve refined our solution delivery methodology. We know how to deliver intranet projects, making sure you get the most out of your investment in SharePoint and Office 365. Together, we’ll guide you through every step of your intranet project to align with and meet your intranet success goals.

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Why BONZAI SharePoint Intranet?

“While initially we considered BONZAI Intranet for the feature-rich platform, we ultimately selected BONZAI for its complete package, including the proven approach to intranet planning and solution delivery.”

Kimberly La Liberte

Marketing Manager, Horizon Credit Union

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BONZAI SharePoint Intranet Platform True ROI

Building custom business intranet is expensive. BONZAI Intranet for SharePoint and Office 365 saves you money with a proven out-of-the-box solution that can be implemented in less than half the time at a fraction of the cost.

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SharePoint Intranet Platform for the Enterprise Organizations

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    “BONZAI Intranet has helped us solve key areas of opportunity for our organization’s intranet: 1. Clean and modern interface. 2. Personalization to improve employee productivity and efficiency. 3. Responsive design provides users with a custom user experience no matter what device they are accessing our intranet from.”

    Chuck Thompson

    Collaboration Services Manager, Macy's

  • Jennifer Crosby logo

    “BONZAI Intranet effectively supports our management team in accomplishing tasks relating to staff management, KPI tracking and Policy & Procedure adherence. Having a trusted, centralized information portal is hugely beneficial.”

    Jennifer Crosby

    Consultant, Health Informatics, Fraser Health Authority

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    “BONZAI is above and beyond any other vendor I’ve worked with. The planning, detail, help, and responsiveness from our project team at BONZAI has been nothing short of amazing. Plus, the product rocks!”

    Jason Stidham

    Communications & Development Manager, Bay Federal Credit Union

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    “BONZAI Intranet enables us to continually improve our intranet without the overhead of a large dedicated development team.”

    James Logan

    Developer, Expeditors

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    “BONZAI is a great product that is easy to implement and sustain. We were able to execute from design to go-live in a matter of months.”

    Pat Chung

    Director, Data Management & Reporting, Vancouver Coastal Health

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    “Our new BONZAI Intranet delivers a trusted platform for employees to access important tools and information to help them do their jobs.”

    Karen Plamondon

    Manager, BCAA

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The Most Complete SharePoint Intranet Platform

BONZAI is your stress-free Intranet platform for SharePoint and Office 365 for the modern digital workplace. BONZAI delivers the power of SharePoint intranets in one engaging platform designed with great user experience in-mind.

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What Do You Mean Stress-Free Intranet for SharePoint?

Stress-free intranet for SharePoint and Office 365 provides all the rich intranet functionality you need within one flexible and customizable platform. Get more done, deliver unrivaled collaboration and drive adoption with BONZAI’s smart, agile and flexible intranet platform.

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