Case Study

Horizon North Cuts Intranet Spending By 7x With Bonzai

Learn how Bonzai helped Horizon North create an affordable, out-of-the-box intranet that makes everything easy to find and access.

In This Case Study

Horizon North was struggling with access and navigation issues with their SharePoint intranet. The Calgary-based oil and energy company needed a scalable intranet that offered a consistent user experience, as well regular feature updates.

Bonzai helped Horizon North save bundles of money with an intranet-in-a-box solution that makes it easy for employees to find anything, regardless of their location.

With Bonzai, Horizon North is able to:

  • Spend 7x less on its intranet
  • Make employees’ jobs easier with best-in-class search
  • Promote transparency with complete visibility into important updates and business-critical documents

It’s Time To Transform

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