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PTC Helps Employees Engage And Connect With A Truly User-Friendly Intranet Where Search Is Easy

Learn how Bonzai helped PTC create a useful, streamlined, easy-to-navigate intranet that 94% of their workforce uses regularly.

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Heavily customized, clunky, hard to navigate and filled with outdated content — that was how PTC described its old intranet. The Boston-based software company was looking to provide a user-friendly experience, with intuitive search and social features to promote engagement.

Bonzai helped PTC bring everyone together by turning their intranet into a reliable, up-to-date, easy-to-navigate hub that empowers everyone to find, share and edit content.

With Bonzai, PTC is able to:

  • Free up resources and enhance productivity to unprecedented levels
  • Empower each department to own their content and target relevant users
  • Allow all employees to find, share and edit content
  • Achieve a 94% user adoption rate
  • Eliminate the waste, confusion and frustration caused by content duplication

With Bonzai, PTC is able to:

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