Horizon North Case Study

How Horizon North's New Intranet Costs 7 Times Less Per Year

Horizon North experienced ROI as soon as their BONZAI launched and calculated that the annual cost of BONZAI is 7.5 times less, in comparison to a single year of developing and maintaining a solution built in-house.

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About Horizon North

Oil and Gas Services

Horizon North is a publicly listed corporation providing a full range of industrial, commercial, and residential products and services. Their Industrial division supplies workforce accommodations, camp management services, access solutions, maintenance and utilities. Their Modular Construction division integrates modern design concepts and technology with state of the art, off-site manufacturing processes; producing high-quality building solutions.


  • Custom-built intranet that would not scale to Office 365 and SharePoint Online.
  • Difficult to maintain and manage due to the intranet’s inherent infrastructure.
  • Poor visibility of news, important documents, forms and reports.
  • Lack of access due to complicated permissioning processes.
  • Inconsistent navigation and user experiences across pages.


BONZAI Intranet for

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Across Canada

BONZAI Intranet Grows with Your Organization

“BONZAI doesn’t just provide a starting point—they offer a long-term solution, a true SaaS Intranet product, consistent experiences and additional new features year after year.”

Robert Gist

Integration Architect, Horizon North Logistics Inc.

A Long-Term, Flexible Intranet Platform

BONZAI Intranet was chosen as the best intranet for Horizon North for many reasons, including:

BONZAI Intranet's Impact

“BONZAI makes it easy for employees to find information that matters to them regardless of their location. For me personally, BONZAI has made my job easier as I am equipped with a great tool to head into requirements planning sessions with our business partners.”

Kesia Read

BIS Business Lead, Horizon North Logistics Inc.

Horizon North's New Intranet ROI

Horizon North experienced immediate ROI with their new BONZAI Intranet. If the IT team were to develop and manage a similar solution internally, they shared it would cost them over seven times more.

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