The Business Value of an Intranet

An effective intranet isn’t a nice-to-have technology in today’s business world; it’s a mission-critical system with game-changing benefits. Learn more about the business impacts of a best-of-breed intranet.

The Business Value of an Intranet

Learn about six key intranet impacts. We’ll show you to track them and how they affect your bottom line.

Watch the webinar now and discover what an optimized intranet can do for your organization.


Michal Pisarek
SharePoint MVP and Co-Founder of BONZAI Intranet

Michal Pisarek, a 6X Microsoft SharePoint MVP and co-founder of BONZAI Intranet. Michal is an international intranet and SharePoint speaker and is very well regarded as an expert in the digital workplace space.

Webinar Key Takeaways

Gain an understanding of key intranet performance indicators.

Discover the metrics you need to gauge your intranet’s impact on collaboration.

Uncover the intranet data and analytics which measure employee engagement.

Learn how an intranet enhances employee productivity and collaboration.

It’s Time To Transform

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