How to Create an Award-Winning Intranet Webinar

Capital Power recently won the Nielsen Norman Intranet Design Award with their BONZAI Intranet.

This prestigious accolade to a mighty intranet project team of 3 proves that award-winning intranets don’t need massive teams or massive budgets to deliver the intranet experience that employees need to thrive and create a meaningful workplace.

Watch this exclusive webinar now to learn what it takes to create an award-winning intranet.

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Michal Pisarek

SharePoint MVP and
Co-Founder of BONZAI Intranet

Michal Pisarek, a 6X Microsoft SharePoint MVP and co-founder of BONZAI Intranet. Michal is an international intranet and SharePoint speaker and is very well regarded as an expert in the digital workplace space.

Intranet Webinar Key Takeaways

  • Award-winning intranets don’t need massive teams or massive budget to be great.

  • A successful intranet is more than just a pretty website and accurate search experience.

  • An intranet should support the unique objectives and goals of the organization.

  • It’s a challenge to create a great intranet from scratch leveraging only SharePoint

  • sharepoint-intranet-webinar

    There are 5 essential elements to create an award-winning intranet that is built-to-last.

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