How to Use SharePoint Communication Sites Webinar

Microsoft’s recently unveiled feature; SharePoint Communication Sites, has many wondering how and when to use them.

Access the webinar and BONZAI Intranet’s Michal Pisarek and ClearBox Consulting’s Sam Marshall will bring you up to speed.

Watch the webinar to discover how and when you use SharePoint Communication Sites effectively.

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Sam Marshall -Intranet Expert

Sam Marshall

Founder of ClearBox Consulting

Sam Marshall is the owner of ClearBox Consulting. Founded over 10 years ago, ClearBox is a leading UK consultancy on intranet and digital workplace strategy, SharePoint and online collaboration.

Michal Pisarek

SharePoint MVP and Co-Founder of BONZAI Intranet

Michal Pisarek, a 6X Microsoft SharePoint MVP and co-founder of BONZAI Intranet. Michal is an international intranet and SharePoint speaker and is very well regarded as an expert in the digital workplace space.

SharePoint Communication Sites Webinar Key Takeaways

  • sharepoint-intranet-webinar

    Learn how and when to use the new Communication Sites in SharePoint via a live overview and demonstration.

  • sharepoint-intranet-webinar

    Gain an understanding of the new Communication Site features including page layouts, new web parts and social integration.

  • sharepoint-intranet-webinar

    Discover how to manage news on desktops and mobile devices via SharePoint Communication Sites.

  • sharepoint-intranet-webinar

    Learn about the emerging implications for intranets, governance and publishing sites.

  • sharepoint-intranet-webinar

    Understand how this new feature impacts SharePoint intranet in-a-box products.

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