UniBank Case Study

See How UniBank Boosts Collaboration with BONZAI

BONZAI Intranet was selected for its user-friendly interface, solution delivery framework and after-care support designed to resolve the very internal communications issues UniBank was experiencing.

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About UniBank


UniBank is a premier community bank, with 14 branch locations, committed to serving the financial needs of Massachusetts and New England by providing individuals, businesses and municipalities with excellent service and fairly-priced, high quality financial products. UniBank is committed to supporting and developing their employees through ongoing investments in leadership development and addressing staff needs.


  • Ineffective platform for internal communications.
  • Difficulty accessing up-to-date policies and procedures.
  • No central location for employee identification caused security concerns.
  • Inaccessible location for hosting HR training information.
  • No means of sharing company news stories across the organization.
  • Ineffective platform for employee collaboration and teamwork.


BONZAI Intranet for

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Across 14 Branches in Massachusetts

BONZAI Intranet Solution for SharePoint

“BONZAI has allowed us to consolidate information, whether it’s policies, procedures or other documents. Our SharePoint administrator’s workload is quite a bit less because of BONZAI, the IT department is extremely pleased.”

Brad Fenn

Electronic Banking Technology Manager, UniBank

BONZAI Intranet's Impact

During this evaluation process, the BLADE team narrowed the search to just four intranet software vendors. Ultimately, BONZAI Intranet was selected for these main reasons:

“Overall, employees are very happy with BONZAI. The employee directory has been a huge benefit, as it helps to identify employees across UniBank’s branches. Having this capability provides greater security and a sense of community.”

Beth Maietta

Training and Recruiting Specialist, UniBank

UniBank's New Intranet

Since UniBank’s BONZAI intranet was implemented, there has been far-reaching benefits across all departments including Information Technology, Marketing, Internal Communications and Human Resources.

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