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"Not unlike the Bonsai tree practice, which focuses on long-term cultivation and shaping of one or more small trees growing in a container; the BONZAI Team grew together to form a powerful unit and an equally powerful Intranet solution. Working here has been inspirational. Working with amazing clients and peers has created an experience that will enrich my life forever."

Rayna O’Neil

Vice President, BONZAI Intranet

“BONZAI truly does an amazing job of hiring the right people. For being a small start-up they have been able to achieve what companies of much larger magnitude have not even come close to.”

Rosa Jamal

Solution Delivery Specialist, BONZAI Intranet

"My experience working at BONZAI Intranet has been career-changing. I have the privilege to work with brilliant people who continuously push the boundaries of excellence. We have a lot of pride in what we do and it resonates with our customers when we deliver to them the best possible solutions."

Kristina Mamima

Project Manager, BONZAI Intranet

An Award-Winning Platform, Built by an Award-Winning Team

The BONZAI team has worked hard to create an award-winning, stress-free intranet platform and Digital Workplace Solution that is more than just software but an employee and corporate culture enhancement experience.


Join a Passionate Team with Lots of Perks

BONZAI prides itself on attracting the best brains in the business. We enjoy assembling a talented, passionate and fun-loving team.

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