Enhance Employee Onboarding

The ideal HR intranet portal for centralizing employee policies, procedures and forms for enhanced employee onboarding that yields native time and cost-savings.

An Intranet for Human Resources & Employees

“BONZAI is a huge asset to the onboarding process as it enables us to point new employees to a centralized location to access helpful information, rather than various separate systems.”

Heather Kicelemos

Training & Development Manager, UniBank

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Centralize Training Information with BONZAI

Discover the benefits of having a secure, accessible and central location for housing employee training, learning and development information that’s easily accessed by employees.

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Communicate Organizational Vision & Values

Discover an Employee Digital Workplace where you can effectively communicate your corporate vision and values to the wider employee group! BONZAI’s Human Resources Intranet enables you to demonstrate real examples of your organization’s vision and values in action.

Easily share news, events and videos highlighting your corporate values and mission in action to your entire workforce while boosting employee engagement. 


Easily Find & Retrieve Information

Innovative Search is essential for encouraging efficiency and productivity, which is why the Employee Digital Workplace from BONZAI includes pioneering

Enable your employees to effortlessly find the latest news, events, people and documentation quickly and easily. BONZAI’s innovative predictive type-ahead search empowers employees so they can spend time working on valuable tasks rather than wasting time searching for information!

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Streamline Employee Onboarding

Get new employees off to a great start with BONZAI, SharePoint intranet! Store important policies, procedures and forms in a central location that’s easily accessible.

Having a central location to direct new employees to gives them confidence and helps them settle in faster! Make it easier for new staff; simply show them the ‘HR Site’ location on the Employee Digital Workplace and empower them to take it from there!

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HR Intranet ROI Calculator

BONZAI, the award-winning intranet, can save your employees time by ensuring the right information is accessible and on-hand when required. Calculate your HR intranet ROI today with BONZAI’s ROI Calculator!

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The Importance of Corporate Culture

More than 90% of corporate executives surveyed said that corporate culture was important at their firm and 50% claimed it influences productivity, creativity, profitability and growth rates.

Duke University – Fuqua School of Business

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