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The stress-free intranet for SharePoint and Office 365 that caters to the unique needs of end users.

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“Our new BONZAI Intranet delivers a trusted platform for employees to access important tools and information to help them do their jobs.”

Karen Plamondon

Manager, BCAA

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Share Information Quickly

Users can easily find and retrieve anything they need to get work done with BONZAI Intranet’s Site Directories.

A modern, digital workplace experience where users can easily collaborate on projects, stay productive and improve workplace efficiency will drive your intranet user adoption.

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Enhance Internal Communication

Facilitate company-wide communications with BONZAI Intranet’s powerful suite of communication features.

Connect with colleagues with features like People Hub & Employee Profiles. Find and locate expertise with People Search and Skills Tagging. Empower users to publish their own content, send targeted content, news and notifications.

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Engage Your Workforce

Easily plan, organize and execute workplace events and other community-building activities with BONZAI’s engaging features.

Foster internal communications and engage your users in conversations with features like post, share, like and comment on ideas with discussion forums, online surveys, feedback and more.

Engage Your Employees

Seamless User Experience

An engaging, relevant and personalized intranet experience for your employees with BONZAI out-of-the-box intranet.

You can leverage built-in personalization features and users love the intuitive information architecture, navigation and the look and feel of their modern intranet that quickly takes them where they need.

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Intranet ROI Calculator

Uncover the ROI your organization could experience with an award-winning intranet solution like BONZAI, with our ROI calculator so you can discover just how worthwhile your BONZAI intranet investment will be!

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Costly Productivity Loss Due to Ineffective Search

Employees spend up to 30% of their time searching and analyzing documents for relevant information, with 9% not finding any information and 7% end up recreating documents, which costs organization $3500 per employee per year in lost productivity.

IDC, Gartner and Forrester Research

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