Streamline Internal Communications

Streamline your corporate communications while increasing employee engagement with BONZAI Intranet.

“We use BONZAI to build awareness of new branding concepts & encourage employees to comment on ideas. We also use it as a repository for brochures, rather than incurring the cost & time associated with printing. If we need to make changes to brochures, we can quickly and easily update them, rather than having to destroy what we’ve printed.”

Katie Hunt

Marketing Manager, UniBank

Elevate Internal Communications

Improve internal communication across your organization with BONZAI Intranet. BONZAI takes the hassle out of building a custom SharePoint intranet, so you receive a beautiful digital workplace that’s in line with your corporate branding.

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Enterprise Networking

Encourage your employees to interact and connect with BONZAI Intranet. BONZAI encourages employee engagement, enabling employees to like, comment and discuss the latest news, events and corporate communications.
Provide your leadership team with an effective platform so that they can authentically engage and interact with employees.

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Support a Modern Workforce

Empower your remote employees with BONZAI Intranet, ensuring they have access to pertinent information to conduct their roles effectively, even when on the go. Enable your employee’s by providing them with access to important documentation, anywhere, anytime.

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Easily Find & Retrieve Information

Effective Search is a given with BONZAI Intranet, so that everyone can find the latest news, events, people  and documentation quickly and easily with innovative type-ahead predictive search.
Leverage your existing Office 365 investment and quickly deploy a digital workplace solution that supports your employees while enhancing internal communications.

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Corporate Communications Cost Savings with BONZAI

Try BONZAI’s ROI Calculator today to see how much BONZAI can save your organization by providing an effective internal communication platform and much more today!

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Raise Productivity with Improved Communication

Improved communication and collaboration through social technologies could raise the productivity of interaction workers by 20 to 25 percent.

McKinsey Global Institute

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