Case Study

Douglas College Uses Bonzai’s Targeted Communications To Boost Employee Engagement

Learn how Bonzai helped Douglas College create a full-featured intranet with a targeted home page for each user’s specific role.

In This Case Study

Because it didn’t have an existing intranet, Douglas College was using its public website to make policies and forms available. It also relied on institution-wide email blasts that were cluttering everyone’s inbox but not getting the critical internal messages out. This system led to a lot of frustration, wasted time and errors.

Bonzai helped Douglas College get a powerful intranet up and running within six months. Bonzai gave the college a powerful way to deliver communications to the right people at the right time. The intranet also organizes files and information so that people, news and information are easy to search for.

With Bonzai, G&F is able to:

  • Help each employee connect, find information fast and understand organizational structure and priorities
  • Create a targeted home page that’s tailored to each user
  • Streamline the content creation and approval process for everything appearing on the home page – leading to smoother communication and enhanced employee engagement

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