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Ready-to-go Intranet Solution for Office 365

BONZAI provides a seamless digital workplace experience that readily integrates with Microsoft Office 365.

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Optimized Intranet Experience for Office 365

BONZAI maximizes workplace efficiency, making your intranet a single source of truth for employees.

How to Increase Employee Productivity with Office 365 and BONZAI

We explore how to effectively use Microsoft Office 365 to better communicate, collaborate and get work done. In this webinar, we walk you through best practices on how to drive your intranet adoption with powerful Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite.

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Same Great User Experience of Microsoft Office 365, but BETTER!

BONZAI enhances your workplace experience by bringing the best out of Microsoft Office 365 for a familiar and user-friendly experience for your intranet users. BONZAI delivers on the exact productivity needs of your organization with an intranet that makes all your enterprise applications part of the same intuitive, beautiful and mobile-friendly intranet experience.

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Intranet in a box for Microsoft Office 365

BONZAI Intranet’s engaging and feature-rich capabilities can be customized to your needs so that it accurately reflects your brand guidelines, without having to wait for a full development as is typically the case with a custom intranet.

Powerful User Experience

Deliver a powerful user experience with a ready-to-go intranet that’s easier to implement and maintain.

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Encourage Employee Collaboration

Integration with Microsoft Office 365 enhances employee communication, collaboration and productivity, at no additional cost.

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Increase Productivity

BONZAI Intranet enables users to access all enterprise applications from within the same mobile-friendly digital workplace.

Get More from Your Office 365 Investment with BONZAI Intranet

Enhance your investment in Office 365 with BONZAI, the Stress-Free Intranet that provides an integrated digital workplace so that your employees can better connect and collaborate. We’ve got tons of experience delivering BONZAI to a variety of enterprise and SMB customers across industries including healthcare, finance and more.

More than just Office 365

We’ve helped clients design and deliver SharePoint Intranet solutions, and over time we’ve refined our delivery practice. We know how to deliver intranet projects, making sure you get the most out of your investment. Together, we’ll guide you through every step of your intranet project for the best intranet project experience ever.

Office 365 Intranet!

“BONZAI has allowed us to consolidate information, whether it’s policies, procedures or other documents. Our SharePoint administrator’s workload is quite a bit less because of BONZAI, the IT department is extremely pleased.”

Brad Fenn

Electronic Banking Technology Manager, UniBank

Enhance Productivity with Digital Workplace Tools

According to a Deloitte Study on Digital Workplace Solutions, one company found that a manager saved 43 minutes a month with improved digital workplace tools.

With over 30k employees, the company established an annual productivity of $12 million.

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BONZAI Powers 600,000+ Active Daily Users Worldwide

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    “We are thrilled we replaced the bland SharePoint look with the dynamic presentation of BONZAI. Our staff like the News and Events, Document Portal, Employee and Department Spotlights and Marketplace the most.”

    Brad Fenn

    Electronic Banking Technology Manager, UniBank

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  • Jeff Rousell logo

    “We were able to deploy BONZAI extremely fast which freed up resources and enabled my team to focus on developing line of business applications that impact productivity. Using the BONZAI Framework, my team delivered new applications faster than ever before.”

    Jeff Rousell

    Director of IT and Business Systems, PTC

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  • Jessica Stermann logo

    “BONZAI has done an excellent job working with our communications and IT teams to understand our needs and develop our intranet.”

    Jessica Stermann

    Communications Advisor, Ferus

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  • Kimberly La Liberte logo

    “With the functionality provided by the BONZAI product, we were able to greatly expand and increase the timeliness of our communications by empowering more employees with the ability to get their message out.”

    Kimberly La Liberte

    Marketing Manager, Horizon Credit Union

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  • Tricia Johnston logo

    “Communications to employees throughout, especially at the end of a redesign project, is critical for success. Detail a thorough communications plan at the onset, which simplifies communications when everyone is working double time.”

    Tricia Johnston

    Director of Corporate Communications, Capital Power

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    “I would 100% recommend BONZAI to another organization given the return you receive as soon as you are up and running.”

    Linda Gilbert

    IT Director, PRIDE Industries

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How Capital Power Overcame 7 Intranet Challenges

Capital Power quickly came to realize the complexity and inefficiency of their custom-built intranet on SharePoint and Office 365 and wanted a platform that was future-proof. Watch the webinar now to see how Capital Power created their award-winning BONZAI Intranet.

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