Operations & Procedures

Great Operations Management

Empower your employees with effective operations management through a centralized up-to-date intranet.

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Equip Your Employees for Success

Provide Convenient Access to Policies & Procedures. 

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BONZAI Powers 600,000+ Daily Active Users Worldwide

  • Tricia Johnston logo

    “Communications to employees throughout, especially at the end of a redesign project, is critical for success. Detail a thorough communications plan at the onset, which simplifies communications when everyone is working double time.”

    Tricia Johnston

    Director of Corporate Communications, Capital Power

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  • Intranet Manager logo

    “We wanted to contract the best of the best…a solution that proved to lead the way with SharePoint intranet innovation—BONZAI stood head and shoulders above competitors so it was an easy decision for us.”

    Intranet Manager

    Public Law Firm

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  • Brad Fenn logo

    “BONZAI has allowed us to consolidate information, whether it’s policies, procedures or other documents. Our SharePoint administrator’s workload is quite a bit less because of BONZAI, the IT department is extremely pleased.”

    Brad Fenn

    Electronic Banking Technology Manager, UniBank

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  • Kimberly La Liberte logo

    “With the functionality provided by the BONZAI product, we were able to greatly expand and increase the timeliness of our communications by empowering more employees with the ability to get their message out.”

    Kimberly La Liberte

    Marketing Manager, Horizon Credit Union

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  • Dario Alvarez logo

    “Internal communications are hugely important and BONZAI has allowed us to take it to a new level.”

    Dario Alvarez

    Communications Manager, Ferus

  • Alexandra Jespersen-Wheat logo

    “In our search for a SaaS Intranet solution, it was integral to align ourselves with flexible technology. Our team has been very pleased they have been able to achieve everything they’ve wanted with BONZAI because it is easily customized.”

    Alexandra Jespersen-Wheat

    Employee Engagement Manager, Bluebeam Inc.

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Empower Your Employees

Central Repository

Empower your employees to effectively perform their roles with the assurance of having the support of a centralized, up-to-date intranet, housing vital procedures and key operational information.

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Enhance Employee Efficiency

Employees can effectively perform their tasks and excel in their roles when they’re not getting caught up searching for information. Make your employees lives easier and encourage them to excel with BONZAI.

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BONZAI Powers 600,000+ Daily Active Users Worldwide

“Our new intranet expanded and improved our internal communications and opened up new avenues for our employees to engage with one another.”

Kimberly La Liberte

Marketing Manager, Horizon Credit Union

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A Recent Study of US Employees found that:

  • 55% of employees lack access to tools and documents that enable good job performance.
  • 43% have trouble with document approval.
  • 49% of employees said they have trouble locating documents.


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Access to Employee Information

Provide employees with access to a resourceful Employee Handbook that’s available from a centralized location to effectively provide employees with the answers they need.

Centralize Resources

Save time and resources by centralizing vital information such as your Employee Manual while empowering employees.

Whether it’s providing access to the Employee Handbook, Policy and Procedures Manual or vital information for overall operations management, BONZAI intranet has it all.

Social Workplace

BONZAI provides the added bonus of Social Workplace tools, Employee Engagement Capabilities, Employee Directory and more!

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