Forms & Workflows

Forms & Workflow Management

Streamline workflow management and harmonize your intranet forms with BONZAI, the Stress-Free Intranet.

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Workflow Management Made Easy

The management tools you need for effective workflow management and automation.

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BONZAI Powers 600,000+ Active Daily Users Worldwide

  • Bobby Dhillon logo

    “Our new intranet is helping us evolve the internal communication culture of G&F from one of email reliability to one of posting, sharing and disseminating everything through the intranet site.”

    Bobby Dhillon

    Vice President of Marketing, G&F Financial Group

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  • Holly Tompkins logo

    “BONZAI is convenient and has already saved me time and peaked my interest in other aspects of the company. BONZAI enables me to look after whatever it is I need to look after at the time, without having to bother someone else for answers.”

    Holly Tompkins

    Lead Dispatch, Logistics, Source Energy Services

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  • Jessica Stermann logo

    “BONZAI has done an excellent job working with our communications and IT teams to understand our needs and develop our intranet.”

    Jessica Stermann

    Communications Advisor, Ferus

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  • Jennifer Kirscher logo

    “With BONZAI, departments are now empowered to own their own content
    —Internal Communications at PTC has never run so smoothly.”

    Jennifer Kirscher

    Employee Communications Manager, PTC

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  • Kimberly La Liberte logo

    “While initially we considered BONZAI Intranet for the feature-rich platform, we ultimately selected BONZAI for its complete package, including the proven approach to intranet planning and solution delivery.”

    Kimberly La Liberte

    Marketing Manager, Horizon Credit Union

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  • Linda Gilbert logo

    “The training we received provided both a fundamental and in-depth understanding of BONZAI Intranet so that all levels of users could be successful.”

    Linda Gilbert

    IT Director, PRIDE Industries

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Workflow Alerts

Automatic Reminders

BONZAI helps you to keep processes moving along with the ability to issue automatic reminders on overdue forms. Workflow alerts automatically nudge and encourage users to take action.

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Workflow Rules

Flexible Rules

BONZAI facilitates complex workflow rules so that your organizational processes are truly reflected in your workflows. BONZAI manages requests with multiple levels of sign-off seamlessly.

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Streamline Your Processes with BONZAI

“BONZAI Intranet effectively supports our management team in accomplishing tasks relating to staff management, KPI tracking and Policy & Procedure adherence. Having a trusted, centralized information portal is hugely beneficial.”

Jennifer Crosby

Consultant, Health Informatics, Fraser Health Authority

Enable Better Job Performance & Outcomes

A Recent Study of US Employees found that:

  • 55% of employees lack access to appropriate job resources.
  • 43% have trouble with document approval.
  • 49% of employees said they have trouble locating documents.


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Effective Workflow Management

Save your employees time with effective workflow management from BONZAI, the Stress-Free Intranet.

Automate Workflows

Automate your workflows today for seamless workflow processing that saves time and increases adherence.

Online forms enable you to design & distribute forms for anything from expenses to checklists to time tracking & more!

Online Forms

BONZAI’s secure online forms help you to effectively collect information and manage your processes with ease.

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