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Experience the benefits of effective collaboration across your organization with award-winning employee collaboration tools that empower employees.

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Promote Employee Collaboration

BONZAI, the Essential Employee Collaboration Platform

Advantageous Employee Collaboration

Encourage your employees to productively work together with BONZAI, the award-winning collaboration platform that enables employees to share information, find the information they need fast and effectively resolve issues together.

Reduce time spent sending documents back and forth via email while collaborating, thanks to effective version control functionality.

“BONZAI doesn’t just provide a starting point—they offer a long-term solution, a true SaaS Intranet product, consistent experiences and additional new features year after year.”

Robert Gist

Integration Architect, Horizon North Logistics Inc.

Increase Productivity with a Digital Workplace

In a study of Digital Workplace Solutions, a manager saved 43 minutes a month with improved digital workplace tools. With over 30k employees, the company established an annual productivity of $12 million.


Enhance Productivity with BONZAI

Fully Connect Anytime, Anywhere Access

BONZAI, the award-winning intranet, enables employees to collaborate and communicate effectively from anywhere, anytime.

The functionality provided with BONZAI’s collaboration tools ensures that employees working across remote locations benefit from experiencing true collaboration.

Empower Employees to Collaborate with BONZAI

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