BONZAI Intranet Administration

Stress-Free intranet administration and management tools from BONZAI, to make managing your corporate Intranet easy.

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Easily Manage and Administrate Your Intranet with BONZAI

BONZAI incorporates easy-to-use tools for intranet administration, management and moderation.

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BONZAI Powers 600,000+ Daily Active Users Worldwide

  • Alexandra Jespersen-Wheat logo

    “In our search for a SaaS Intranet solution, it was integral to align ourselves with flexible technology. Our team has been very pleased they have been able to achieve everything they’ve wanted with BONZAI because it is easily customized.”

    Alexandra Jespersen-Wheat

    Employee Engagement Manager, Bluebeam Inc.

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  • Bobby Dhillon logo

    “Our new intranet is helping us evolve the internal communication culture of G&F from one of email reliability to one of posting, sharing and disseminating everything through the intranet site.”

    Bobby Dhillon

    Vice President of Marketing, G&F Financial Group

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  • Barbara Allen logo

    “BONZAI gave us the features and functionality we needed without a lot of time required for customization within the SharePoint environment.”

    Barbara Allen

    Computing Science and Information Technology, Douglas College

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  • Holly Tompkins logo

    “BONZAI is convenient and has already saved me time and peaked my interest in other aspects of the company. BONZAI enables me to look after whatever it is I need to look after at the time, without having to bother someone else for answers.”

    Holly Tompkins

    Lead Dispatch, Logistics, Source Energy Services

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  • Robert Gist logo

    “BONZAI doesn’t just provide a starting point—they offer a long-term solution, a true SaaS Intranet product, consistent experiences and additional new features year after year.”

    Robert Gist

    Integration Architect, Horizon North Logistics Inc.

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  • Tricia Johnston logo

    “Working with BONZAI, gave us the flexibility, visual design elements, and a more user-friendly experience to create our intranet – an essential tool to connect our company to news, events, and business resources and processes.”

    Tricia Johnston

    Director of Corporate Communications, Capital Power

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Simplified Intranet Administration

Corporate Governance

BONZAI offers single sign-on for users and gives you full control over access permissions, setting up and assigning roles, managing content and moderating posts.

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Simplified Intranet Administration

Permissions Management

Easily create user roles and assign various permissions to users and teams, giving you full control over who can access, create, view, download, edit or delete.

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Sustain Your Intranet with BONZAI Intranet Administration

“BONZAI Intranet enables us to continually improve our intranet without the overhead of a large dedicated development team.”

James Logan

Developer, Expeditors

The ROI of BONZAI with Intranet Administration

Development, design and ongoing maintenance costs for custom SharePoint intranets are typically 3X that of SharePoint Intranet in-a-box Solutions where solutions like BONZAI include 80-100% of what organizations need in an intranet.

Cost of SharePoint Intranets vs SaaS Solutions

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Transform the Way You Manage Your Intranet

Simplify the administration of user profiles and logins with Active Directory Synchronization.

Intranet Analytics

Transform your intranet using the power of analytics by reviewing usage, content consumption and engagement stats.

Define streamlined processes that increase productivity and perform ongoing maintenance and optimization.

Process Workflows

Easily build and manage workflows to automate processes to save valuable employee time.

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