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Experience BONZAI’s powerful intranet tools to quickly and easily build, configure and manage your intranet.


Configure & Manage Your Workplace Intranet

Get your intranet up to speed with powerful tools to build your intranet in no time.

Enrich Your Intranet with Web Parts

BONZAI’s engaging features like People Search, Document Management, News, Events, Advanced Links, Employee Spotlight, and Promoted Items, empower employees and boosts productivity.

“BONZAI Intranet effectively supports our management team in accomplishing tasks relating to staff management, KPI tracking and Policy & Procedure adherence. Having a trusted, centralized information portal is hugely beneficial.”

Jennifer Crosby

Consultant, Health Informatics, Fraser Health Authority

SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box Delivers without Customization

Development and design costs for custom SharePoint intranets are typically 3X that of SharePoint Intranet in-a-box Solutions where solutions like BONZAI include 80-100% of what organizations need in an intranet.

Cost of SharePoint Intranets vs SaaS Solutions

Enhance Productivity with BONZAI

Stress-Free Intranet Deployment & Management

BONZAI delivers stress-free experience to intranet administrators as well as end users. Deploy, provision and manage your corporate intranet with built-in tools that are easy to use for a fully-customizable, responsive intranet.

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