Source Energy Services Case Study

How Source Energy Enhanced Productivity with BONZAI

BONZAI Intranet decreased time wasted searching for forms and information and greatly increased employee engagement and inter-department discussion, building a sense of community.

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About Source Energy Services

Oil and Gas

Source Energy Services, founded in 1998, is the largest Canadian owned integrated supplier and distributor of Tier 1 frac sand in Canada. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, the company employs 260 staff in its BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Wisconsin and Texas operations.


  • Information is difficult to access and locate.
  • Lack of Document integrity and accuracy.
  • Lost productivity in time spent searching for information.
  • Over reliance on email as a communication tool.
  • Difficulty communicating with mainly remote employees.


BONZAI Intranet for

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Across North America

BONZAI Winning Office 365 Intranet Solution

“BONZAI is convenient and has already saved me time and peaked my interest in other aspects of the company. BONZAI enables me to look after whatever it is I need to look after at the time, without having to bother someone else for answers.”

Holly Tompkins

Lead Dispatch, Logistics, Source Energy Services

BONZAI Intranet's Impact

Source Energy uncovered that BONZAI was about half the cost of a built from-scratch solution, had all the components they needed and would take significantly less time to implement than a custom-built solution.

BONZAI Intranet's Impact

“Our BONZAI Intranet, ‘Sandbox,’ works very well for the night shift as the offices are usually vacant during hours. I use Sandbox almost every day that I am on shift.”


Shift lead, Source Energy Services

Source Energy Services' New Intranet

Eight weeks and a naming competition later, Source Energy’s BONZAI Intranet, “Sandbox,” was unveiled to Source Energy employees across the Canada and the US.

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