Douglas College Case Study

How BONZAI Intranet Increased Engagement at Douglas College

Since implementing BONZAI, Douglas College have reliable access to the information they need rendering many tasks such as application completion, communications and document retrieval much less time consuming for employees.

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About Douglas College

Higher Education

Founded in 1970 and now encompassing two major campuses and a training center, Douglas College attracts over 24,000 students from Canada and around the world each year. The institution’s 480 faculty members, supported by 415 staff and administrators, deliver Bachelor’s and associate degrees, post-degree and graduate diplomas, university-transfer courses and career programs combining academic rigor with real-world experience.


  • Over-reliance and ineffective use of global email.
  • No easy way to share information between departments.
  • Ineffective internal document storage, version control & access.
  • No platform to build an engaged, collaborative, corporate culture.


BONZAI Intranet for

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in Canada

BONZAI Winning SharePoint Intranet Solution

“BONZAI gave us the features and functionality we needed without a lot of time required for customization within the SharePoint environment.”

Barbara Allen

Computing Science and Information Technology, Douglas College

BONZAI Intranet's Impact

Douglas College selected BONZAI Intranet as it addressed its must-have wish list and surpassed many other requirements including:

BONZAI Intranet's Impact

“Using this tool has made a significant difference to my workday. Feeling connected and learning about other employees and events is a huge part of engagement.”

Surveyed Employee

Douglas College

Douglas College's New Intranet

Six months after launch, the intranet committee surveyed employees to see how they felt about their new intranet and received excellent feedback, particularly around enhanced productivity, engagement and onboarding.

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