Flexible and Secure Intranet for Healthcare

Effortlessly manage KPI’s, policies, procedures and share clinical alerts instantly while reducing time spent searching for information with BONZAI’s flexible healthcare, hospital & medical center intranet.

The Trusted Intranet for Healthcare Organizations

Enable Open Collaboration

Connect & collaborate for effective patient care with a secure, centralized intranet for hospitals, staff & management.

Easily Search & Find

BONZAI helps your staff easily connect with the appropriate resources through Directories, People Search and Predictive Type-Ahead Search functionality.  

Share Knowledge & Information

BONZAI promotes knowledge sharing and information access so that health practitioners have timely access to the information they need.

Empower & Engage Staff

Quickly build and share information throughout your healthcare organization from Operations & Procedures to Internal Communications to promote staff engagement and empower employees.

BONZAI Keeps Your Healthcare Staff Engaged & Informed

“I LOVE the features in BONZAI of displaying important messages to add and customize on different pages as well as the slider webparts. These have made it easier to meet the needs of our employees and made delivery time faster. A big thanks to the BONZAI team.”

Vijay Aggawal

Health Systems Planning Advisor, Vancouver Coastal Health

Our Expert Solution Delivery Team Guides You for Intranet Success

BONZAI Intranet offers rich functionality and features that can be customized to fit your hospital, medical center and healthcare organization’s unique needs. We have a wealth of intranet experience with proven delivery methodologies to prescribe the appropriate steps and tools for intranet success. Discover what’s possible with BONZAI Intranet!

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The Stress-Free Intranet Remedy – BONZAI

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