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Accelerating employee communication and collaboration can be challenging. Bonzai Intranet for SharePoint and Office 365 makes it a whole lot easier with News, Events, Directories, Document Management, Forms, Workflows and more.

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    As a user who travels frequently, being able to access the latest versions of files on the go cuts down on email traffic and enables more efficient updating of our critical data. Joe, SVP, Commercial Development, Source Energy
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    Internal communications is hugely important and Bonzai has allowed us to take it to a new level. Dario, Communications Manager
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    With DC Connect, we’re building our internal community with the intention that it will become an indispensable communication hub for all employees of the College. Dr. Thor Borgford, Vice President, Academic and Provost
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    The Source is helping us evolve the internal communication culture of G&F from one of email reliability to one of posting, sharing and disseminating everything through the intranet site. Bobby Dhillon, Vice President, Marketing

Customer Stories

source energy services
Source Energy Services See Case Study
douglas college
Douglas College See Case Study
gandf financial
G&F Financial See Case Study
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  • Information sharing
  • Document management
  • Lost productivity
  • A more effective communication tool than email
SOLUTION Bonzai Online Intranet for Office 365 IMPACT
  • Less time wasted
  • Broader access to information
  • Increased internal engagement
  • Greater sense of community

Increase workforce productivity with a readymade intranet for SharePoint and Office 365

Source Energy Services, founded in 1998, is the largest Canadian owned integrated supplier and distributor of Tier 1 frac sand in Canada. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, the company employs 260 staff in in its BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Wisconsin and Texas operations.

Source Energy Services was using an intranet created by a former member of their IT team on the SharePoint platform they’d been using for the past two years. The company wanted to become less email and paper-based, but the existing intranet’s interface and content structure needed an overhaul, and users lacked confidence in the accuracy of documents stored within. Plus, it didn’t address their document control challenges – people were working on different versions of a document, creating confusion around which was the most current, who had it and what changes were made.

Marketing Manager Leslie Stempfle, IT Manager Robb Irvine, Project Sponsor and CFO Derren Newell and other members of the Steering Committee put their heads together to clarify their intranet needs. The team’s must-haves included improving the user experience on SharePoint, creating a central location for standard forms and other commonly used resources, implementing document control mechanisms and improving internal communications, particularly among mainly remote employees.

Armed with a list of objectives, Source began their quest for a more effective solution by contacting local consulting firms about creating a custom-built intranet. The project proposals came in with high price points, plus requirements outside their top ten priorities would come at an additional expense. Source Energy then heard about Bonzai – a pre-built intranet for SharePoint and Office 365. Further research uncovered that Bonzai was about half the cost of a built-from-scratch solution, had all the components they needed and would take significantly less time to implement.

It works very well for the night shift as the offices are usually vacant during our hours. I use the Sandbox almost every day that I am on shift. Eddie, Shift Lead

Eight weeks and a naming competition later, the “Sandbox” was unveiled to Source Energy employees across the Canada and the US. It contains Newsfeeds to share information across all departments and sites, an employee and location directory that eliminates time wasted searching for internal subject matter experts and their contact details, Tools, Forms, and Policies containing commonly used forms and documents, an Employee Spotlight, a buy/sell/trade Marketplace and more.

Each major business unit within Source Energy regularly contributes content, from Health & Safety and HR, to the Executive team’s quarterly results, industry news and more. The news page is used to share information on upcoming and completed projects, recent events, and significant company achievements, while HR uses the Sandbox to streamline new employee onboarding, simplify processes and empower departmental managers.

Source Energy recently used The Sandbox to promote their Walk for Wellness Challenge to facilitate a healthy culture and employee engagement. The Walk for Wellness Challenge is a team-based program allowing individuals from multiple areas to join up for a 10,000 step-a-day challenge – fueling 3 million steps in 50 days!

The adoption and impact of Bonzai intranet for SharePoint and Office 365 was swift and widespread – from decreasing time wasted searching for forms and tapping internal resources to find information, to increasing engagement and inter-department discussion.

Source Energy also experienced an unexpected benefit from Bonzai – a greater sense of community across all departments and sites within the organization.

source energy services
It is convenient and has already saved me time and peaked my interest in other aspects of the company. It enables me to look after whatever it is I need to look after at the time, without having to bother someone else for answers. Holly, Lead Dispatch, Logistics
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  • Timely, relevant information sharing
  • Employee understanding of the business strategy
  • People engagement
SOLUTION Bonzai Online Intranet for Office 365 IMPACT
  • Company-wide access to consistent, relevant information
  • Visibility into corporate vision, goals and eld operations
  • Greater sense of community

Ferus revolutionizes the way employees work with Bonzai Intranet

Ferus, an innovative, solutions-based group of companies based in Calgary, Alberta, produces liquid carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, LNG and CNG. Ferus also provides operational and logistical expertise to oil and gas, mining, transportation, distributed power and other industries. Their people work with an uncommon passion for increasing competitiveness and reducing costs for customers.

Ferus was looking for a better way to share information with employees across its many locations — particularly those in the field. Company-wide communications were getting lost in the flood of day-to-day emails and people were receiving information that wasn’t relevant to them.

Based on previous experience, Director of Marketing and Communications, Dario Alvarez knew how valuable an intranet could be in transforming Ferus’ corporate culture and creating an informed, engaged workforce. In April 2015, he brought the Internal Communications and Executive teams together to create a plan centered around empowering and engaging employees across all geographic locations. “Internal communications is hugely important and Bonzai has allowed us to take it to a new level,” explains Dario Alvarez.

FerusConnect will revolutionize how we work by using technology to broaden our ability to communicate simultaneously to all employees, and create connections across our organization. Paul Evans, Executive Vice President

The objectives included increasing employee understanding of the business strategy, as well as timely and relevant communication of company news. This increased connections between teams who were located across the country and fostered a culture of engagement and openness.

Ferus engaged with Dynamic Owl Consulting to help them develop a strategy around their use of Microsoft SharePoint, and had heard about Dynamic Owl’s digital workspace — Bonzai Intranet for SharePoint and Office 365. Pre-built with core intranet functionality, Bonzai would allow Ferus to quickly roll out an intranet to their 300 employees across Canada, and put the power to easily create, post and update content into the hands of the Internal Communications team.

In just 7 weeks, the team launched FerusConnect, featuring News, Employee and Location Directories, an Employee Spotlight, Events and a Forms Centre. Rather than publishing an employee booklet, HR now uses a “Working Here” tab on the site to streamline employee onboarding and management.

This eliminated paperwork and made it easier to ammend policies and procedures. Internal Communications uses the intranet to share company news, foster dialogue between executives and employees, and engage everyone in the community with charity events like the Calgary Corporate Challenge.

FerusConnect has significantly increased understanding of the company’s vision and strategy among employees, expanded visibility into field projects, reduced the amount of time spent searching for co-worker contact details making it much easier to connect, and reduced the volume of information access requests on IT.

ferus connect
ferus connect
Dynamic Owl has done an excellent job working with our communications and IT teams to understand our needs and develop our intranet. Jessica Stermann, Communications Advisor
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  • Ineffective use of global email
  • No easy way to share information between departments
  • Secure internal document storage, version control and access
  • Building an engaged, collaborative corporate culture
SOLUTION Bonzai Intranet for SharePoint 2013
  • Reduction in the use of global emails
  • Secure, version-controlled documents, forms
  • Streamlined sharing of departmental news, initiatives, success
  • Incremental value from investment in Microsoft productivity platform

Douglas College Masters Better Way to Engage with Faculty, Staff and Administrators

Founded in 1970 and now encompassing two major campuses and a training center, Douglas College attracts over 24,000 students from Canada and around the world each year. The institution’s 480 faculty members, supported by 415 staff and administrators, deliver Bachelor’s and associate degrees, post-degree and graduate diplomas, university-transfer courses and career programs combining academic rigor with real-world experience.

When institutional or departmental news and other important information needed to be shared, global emails, sometimes irrelevant to certain groups, were sent institution-wide. The College wanted to build better connections between onsite and remote faculty, as well as staff and administrators, and share important information, like news, research project updates, employee changes and more, to keep people informed and make it easier and faster to find subject matter experts.

With DC Connect, we’re building our internal community with the intention that it will become an indispensable communication hub for all employees of the College. Dr. Thor Borgford, Vice President, Academic and Provost

Douglas College considered its options. Without an existing intranet, they would need to build a customized system from scratch, or use an out-of-the box SharePoint template. The College wasn’t yet using SharePoint and didn’t have in-house expertise, so the coding and configuration involved in building a customized intranet would need to be done by a consultant—a lengthy and expensive proposition that came with a higher level of risk. The Intranet Committee had a very short window to get a solution up and running—six months from beginning to end, so building from scratch, which typically takes twelve or more months, was just not viable.

The out-of-the box templates the group considered also required some coding and customization to meet their needs—making them a less-than-perfect fit as well. The Committee searched further for better options and heard about Bonzai Intranet.

Bonzai was a great match against the College’s must-have and wish lists. On the critical side was a home page that displayed current news, links to frequently used documents and forms, and upcoming events. “Bonzai allowed us to create a home page that is uncluttered, and easy and quick for employees to read. It provides all the key communication features we wanted for the College,” explains Barbara.

Within a few months of seeing a demo, the Committee deployed Bonzai Intranet institution-wide, as the Douglas College-branded site, DC Connect. They use all of Bonzai’s core feature set, including News, Document Quicklinks, Employee and Location Directories, Employee Spotlight, Events, Marketplace, Search, Branding and Yammer for social engagement, and even gave some features dual purposes. “A news item can be news or a two-day advisory – which always gets put on the home page regardless where it was created,” said Barbara.

Some of the site configurations came from how the College wanted to place information on the home page, including who could create content, and approve whether it appeared on the home page, or elsewhere.

Bonzai gave us the features and functionality we needed without a lot of time required for customization within the SharePoint environment. Barbara Allen, Computing Science and Information Technology

To engage employees prior to rollout, the College conducted institution-wide tree tests of the draft information architecture, shared home page images and functionalities, and held a naming contest. The night before launch, announcement cards were placed on desks to inform staff that every web browser would now automatically open to DC Connect, and on the big launch day, the Committee held court in the concourse to take photos for employee directory profiles and answer questions.

Six months later, the Committee surveyed employees to see how they felt about their new intranet. Areas for improvement were highlighted in the survey, with positive comments like, “Using this tool has made a significant difference to my workday. Feeling connected and learning about other employees and events is a huge part of engagement,” and “As a new employee, DC Connect is a fabulous tool for getting to know the College’s organizational structure and culture.”

“The Bonzai team was terrific to work with. During the run up to implementation and the month after, they were there to make suggestions and solve problems as needed,” commented Barbara. Douglas College now plans to expand their use of the Microsoft productivity platform by tapping into Team Sites this Spring with the assistance of the Bonzai Intranet team.

ferus connect
douglas college
Using this tool has made a significant difference to my workday. Feeling connected and learning about other employees and events is a huge part of engagement. Douglas College Surveyed Employee
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  • Heavy reliance on communicating via email
  • Lack of consistent, centralized internal communication
  • Low adoption of existing SharePoint intranet
SOLUTION Bonzai Intranet for SharePoint 2013
  • Single source of information
  • Two-way flow of communication
  • Increased collaboration
  • No need for specialized technical skills
  • More value from investment in Microsoft platform

G&F Financial Invests in Intranet to Improve Employee Communication and Collaboration

With 13 locations across the Lower Mainland, and $1.5 billion in assets under administration, G&F Financial Group provides a full range of personal and business banking solutions to its 29,000 credit union members. With a passion for educating and empowering others to achieve their financial goals, G&F has been supporting local communities and providing advice tailored to the needs of individuals for over 75 years.

G&F found communicating and collaborating across a geographically dispersed organization with multiple departments and branches to be a challenge. Back in 2012, they launched a SharePoint intranet with a goal to improve communication and help them deliver consistently high levels of internal and external service. While the site did bring information together, there was still heavy reliance on other methods of communication.

G&F wanted to replace their less robust intranet with a more user-friendly platform that would become the primary source of all internal information. They wanted to improve the effectiveness of internal communication and increase collaboration between departments and branches. They also wanted to build a culture where employees were empowered to contribute to the business by bringing ideas to the table, providing feedback on plans and taking an active role in the organization’s success.

The Intranet Committee, including VP, Information Technology Chris Goodman and VP, Marketing Bobby Dhillon, considered a variety of options before selecting Bonzai, a pre-built intranet for SharePoint and Office 365 for their organization.

The Source is helping us evolve the internal communication culture of G&F from one of email reliability to one of posting, sharing and disseminating everything through the intranet site. Bobby Dhillon, Vice President, Marketing

They liked Bonzai’s intuitive user interface, clean design, and flexibility in configuring page layouts to match their unique needs and branding. G&F also wanted to leverage their existing SharePoint platform, so Bonzai’s integration with Yammer social networking technology, and ease and speed of making changes without deep content creator expertise in the SharePoint platform was particularly compelling. As a strong advocate for community support, they were also delighted to find a BC-based company that offered a full featured intranet at a cost effective price point.

The on-premise deployment of Bonzai, named “The Source” by G&F employees, involved an update to the SharePoint 2013 platform and took only three weeks from start to finish. Since launch, adoption of The Source for News, Events, networking and more across the organization’s 200-strong workforce continues to grow as content providers and information consumers discover more and more value within.

“The ability to find, post, update and remove documentation is much easier than previous systems. Plus, the ability to tag documents is extremely useful in making sure information is widely accessible and easily found through search.” Megan Garnham Manager, Organizational Development.

“The Source is my personal one-stop-shop for pertinent news and company promotions, and allows me to locate policies and procedures whenever I need a refresher. Tying an enormous amount of corporate information into an easy to navigate and intuitive interface, it allows employees to stay connected to the organization no matter what department they work in.” Personal Advisor, Member Hub Call Centre.

G&F was impressed with the Bonzai team’s ability to quickly understand their needs and apply their SharePoint and intranet expertise in SharePoint to deliver a digital workspace solution that more than addressed their communication and collaboration needs.

gf financial
gf financial
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