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Unlock the power of BONZAI Intranet Advanced Search to find anything on your corporate intranet within seconds so employees can find the information they need fast. 

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Predictive Type-Ahead Intranet Search

BONZAI Intranet Search Engine offers predictive type-ahead search to help you find who you’re looking for at a moment’s notice. The smart intranet search feature pairs your search query with the most relevant search results the moment you start typing. Predictive Type-Ahead makes your intranet search super smart but it will never outsmart you.

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“With the functionality provided by the BONZAI product, we were able to greatly expand and increase the timeliness of our communications by empowering more employees with the ability to get their message out.”

Kimberly La Liberte

Marketing Manager, Horizon Credit Union

No Pressure, No Diamonds for Horizon CU

The Costly Impact of Poor Search Functionality

Nearly $2.5 million annually is lost by enterprise organizations due to employees’ inability to locate and retrieve critical information.

IDC White Paper – The High Cost of Not Finding Information

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Strengthen Intranet Search with Targeted Content Search

Customize your own search experience to search for anything on your intranet, including employees, news, documents, location and sites, events and more. BONZAI’s powerful intranet search indexes and automatically searches all your content for ultimate granularity.

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