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True Responsive Design on SharePoint

Design beautiful and engaging user-focused experiences that everyone will love. Create a unified digital workplace experience for every employee device with simple responsive intranet design.

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Consistent SharePoint Intranet Experience

The idea is simple. BONZAI maximizes your intranet usability.

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  • Alexandra Jespersen-Wheat logo

    “In our search for a SaaS Intranet solution, it was integral to align ourselves with flexible technology. Our team has been very pleased they have been able to achieve everything they’ve wanted with BONZAI because it is easily customized.”

    Alexandra Jespersen-Wheat

    Employee Engagement Manager, Bluebeam Inc.

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  • Bobby Dhillon logo

    “Our new intranet is helping us evolve the internal communication culture of G&F from one of email reliability to one of posting, sharing and disseminating everything through the intranet site.”

    Bobby Dhillon

    Vice President of Marketing, G&F Financial Group

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  • Intranet Manager logo

    “It is clear that it is in BONZAI’s culture to go above and beyond. Their team demonstrated this in our initial interactions and carried this through all the way to solution delivery.”

    Intranet Manager

    Public Law Firm

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  • Kimberly La Liberte logo

    “Our new intranet expanded and improved our internal communications and opened up new avenues for our employees to engage with one another.”

    Kimberly La Liberte

    Marketing Manager, Horizon Credit Union

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  • Linda Gilbert logo

    “The training we received provided both a fundamental and in-depth understanding of BONZAI Intranet so that all levels of users could be successful.”

    Linda Gilbert

    IT Director, PRIDE Industries

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  • Tricia Johnston logo

    “Communications to employees throughout, especially at the end of a redesign project, is critical for success. Detail a thorough communications plan at the onset, which simplifies communications when everyone is working double time.”

    Tricia Johnston

    Director of Corporate Communications, Capital Power

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Consistent SharePoint User Experience

Across Device Responsive Design

Radically improve your mobile-intranet experience by bringing the best out of your SharePoint Intranet for anyone, anytime. Design and organize your content to look the same on all devices and browsers.

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Dynamic Intranet Experience

Responsive Social Workplace

A truly dynamic intranet experience that allows users to access the information they need when they need it. With a more mobile and digital workforce, enable your intranet to work the way your employees do with responsive SharePoint Intranet design on BONZAI intranet.

A Truly Responsive SharePoint Intranet Platform

Dynamic and Consistent SharePoint User Experience

“Working with BONZAI, gave us the flexibility, visual design elements, and a more user-friendly experience to create our intranet – an essential tool to connect our company to news, events, and business resources and processes.”

Tricia Johnston

Director of Corporate Communications, Capital Power

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Save Time and Money

A manager saved 43 minutes a month with improved digital workplace tools that include connected workspace, expertise locator, remote collaboration and mobile accessibility to information. With over 30,000 employees, the company established an annual productivity of $12 million.

The Digital Workplace: Think, Share, Do

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Optimized, Cross-Device Intranet UX with Substantial Cost Savings

Save your time and money with an intranet that works across all devices that’s easier to build and maintain.

No Additional Custom Development

With BONZAI Responsive Design, you can easily deliver a powerful user experience that’s customizable to your mobile needs at no additional cost or design time.

Deliver the same engaging and feature-rich intranet experience for your mobile users without waiting on slow, expensive custom intranets for better collaboration, engagement and productivity.

Enhanced User Experience

No need for a separate mobile intranet site for your organization, so you can have an intranet that works for everyone.

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