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Personalized Intranet Design

A responsive intranet that users can seamlessly personalize resulting in a meaningful and relevant user experience.

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Beautiful & Functional Intranet Design

BONZAI is a responsive intranet that users can seamlessly personalize.

Design Your Intranet Your Way

Award-winning BONZAI Intranet delivers a reliable, feature-rich digital workplace that matches your corporate brand, instilling trust and encouraging employee communication.

Users can easily flip the homepage view to access another office location for localized information, perhaps to prepare for an upcoming trip. BONZAI’s responsive design ensures a great user experience across all devices.

“BONZAI Intranet has helped us solve key areas of opportunity for our organization’s intranet: 1. Clean and modern interface. 2. Personalization to improve employee productivity and efficiency. 3. Responsive design provides users with a custom user experience no matter what device they are accessing our intranet from.”

Chuck Thompson

Collaboration Services Manager, Macy's

A Reliable Intranet Increases Productivity

Intranets could reduce the time spent searching for information by 35%, which in turn frees up 6% of the workweek for other tasks.

The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and productivity through Social Technologies

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Beautiful, Functional & Responsive Design

BONZAI, the award-winning SharePoint intranet, provides your organization with a beautiful digital workplace, that’s designed with an effective user experience in mind. BONZAI is a responsive intranet, so no matter what device you use to access your BONZAI, it’ll always look beautiful.

BONZAI Epitomizes Beautiful & Functional Intranet Design